New Single from Fight Like Sin on Nightmare

New Single from Fight Like Sin on Nightmare

“Without local bands, there would be no national bands.”

I’ve seen those words floating around the internet multiple times, and for good reason. Indie music writers are key to keeping this wonderful world of music progressing.
Different thought processes, writing processes, lyrical content, song structures; they all come together to give each of us what we crave. New music. Different music. Music that doesn’t necessarily have the guidelines that may be present coming from a major label.
Now, these national bands and major labels certainly continue to release quality tunes, but those big bands all started somewhere, and earned their way to the top for a reason. They were talented writers and musicians, working hard on their own to make something of themselves.
Whether you are aiming for the next big radio hit, or want to write something that you truly pour your heart and soul into, in hopes that at least one person enjoys your efforts, keep it up. The music industry, and the fans, need and appreciate you.
I think of a show as the endgame…
It’s what we have in mind when we are spending countless hours writing, practicing, and recording. To be in front of a crowd; that’s where the real connection happens. That’s what it’s all about. Being able to get on stage with confidence, know you’re going to nail your parts, and put on a killer show for your fans.
Despite the mishaps that may occur during a performance, there are moments you can only get at a live show. These experiences are the number one way to make an impression, good or bad, on your audience, and we love that.

Band Name: Fight Like Sin

New Single: Nightmare

Genre : Rock, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock
Fight Like Sin fearlessly engages, and flawlessly delivers, strong, emotional, and core stirring anth emic rock. An assailing descent into the modern rock arena.

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