New single from Kassidy Lynne ‘Baby Just Cruise’

New single from Kassidy Lynne ‘Baby Just Cruise’

Band Name: Kassidy Lynne

Name of song: Baby Just Cruise

Genre : Country

“‘Baby Just Cruise’ actually started out being a song about my truck that I had recently got, ‘Dempsey’. My co-writers, Juleah Barettsmith, Brian Oaks and I weren’t sure where we wanted to take the story. Throughout trying to get my career going, my peers at school had never really seen the side of me that i portray in my music, the creative, country side of me. So we decided to go with ‘I know you think you know me’ (first line of the song) but I’m going to show you a different side (the wild side) you haven’t seen, in a relationship perspective. We really wanted to go toward a Maren Morris meets Miranda Lambert route with this song, and in my perspective, I think we went above the expectations I had with ‘Baby Just Cruise’! And the music video – I love it! Stephen Vidano & Brian Oaks worked on the storyline and I am so happy with the way it turned out. The story behind the video is so creative! Can’t tell you too much! Don’t want to spoil the plot twist, you’re going to have to watch the story unfold yourself!



My music is…: Innocent Country with a little bit of Rebel