Our sincerest Thank you to Broward General Hospital for looking after our show host Jacqueline Jax.

“The chief of staff of the hospital who happens to be my main Doctor (Dr Wilfred McKenzie) and his lovely sister Doctor Rona McKenzie have been watching over me like angles. Because of them and the amazing teams of specialists at Broward General I am healing really well & avoided a very dangerous illness. I’m still here but getting stronger every day. Its amazing how a friendly well trained and educated staff can keep you out of pain and make you feel like your among friends.” Xoxo, Jax

Broward General Hospital in Florida: Thank you to the healers: Dawn, Genny, Melissa, Gus, John, Stacy-Ann, Annette, Shawntel, Dr. Guarneri, Dr.DeGraff-Roberson, Dr Ralph Guarneri, Dr Joy Gposzcyk, Dr Pano Mitropoulos, Dr Justin Rubin, Dr Favroe and of coarse an extra special thank you to Dr Wilfred McKenzie and his lovely sister Doctor Rona McKenzie.

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