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KED Shares Life Lessons Through His New Single “Grinding”

Rapper and talented songwriter, KED inspires others by telling a tough story. From sleeping on floors to living with grandparents and sleeping two to a bed, he had friends who turned on him, lost others to death and family to the system. But one day, God gave this young man a sign. Pulling himself to his feet, he left the streets and found his opportunity in a part time job and fresh start at life.

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Rock Musician Peter Graigs Launches His First Album featuring Single The Beginning of the end

The technology available to a musician today is amazing. I built up my own studio at home and since I am the whole band, I just needed enough room and new gear  to make it happen. I spend many hours in the studio practicing learning and creating and collaborating. Usually I’m an early bird and I work mainly at night which has afforded me time to create my first album. It’s a really exciting moment for me as a musician. 

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Indie Rock Band MY WORLD DOWN on Until I Break

This song hits me somewhat more personal than the other songs, because I can relate to the song as a whole. I’ve been in a relationship that had unspoken emotional barriers that ended up building up to the point of drama. A situation that could have been handled completely different, and that didn’t have to end up there.

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Country Songwriter Shawn “Cookie” Moore on Yellow Footprints

Our music is created through a multi-step process at this point. Our songs are finalized and we record demo’s in a home studio. At that point, we collaborate with trusted session musicians for any necessary instrumental work.  I don’t know if we would necessarily pigeonhole us into a certain “direction”, but I think Yellow Footprints is just the tip of the iceberg for us. This was our first professional recording and we are very pleased with the way it turned out.  

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New Single It Feels Like December by Washington Songwriter Gary Talbott

This is my very first holiday song so that’s a new thing. This song will be on my 2018 Spring album, but it is a bit different from my other material.  I have a pretty specific sound and while this is a different genre, it still fits in there. I actually released this song out because I was unable to finish my album project this year. I wanted to give something to the people who have supported me all this time.

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Dobie My Everything Trinity of love, friendship and loyalty

Episode #549: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :   Get the episode on Google Play: Get the episode on iTunes:   Interview by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio Band….

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The Birth of Lady Mary by Singer Songwriter Alan Garmonsway

As I continue to create, my songs are becoming more precise on the arrangements and delivery, though I like to keep that live acoustic feel. My earlier recordings often had much longer solo breaks. I don’t want to dispense with these completely, but to balance them up with more compact songs whilst keeping good song structure and meaning. Anne and I are planning a new album for 2018, and in-between, I also plan the release of some of my solo work, perhaps an EP.

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London Songwriter Fiona Ross Produces New Album The Black, White and a Little Bit of Grey

I’m a classically trained musician, but also trained in dance and drama and have worked in all sorts of areas as a session musician, choreographer, director, composer etc. I first started performing when I was very small and initially worked in the theatre, with my first lead role in the West End when I was 8.

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Canadian Singer Songwriter Shimmer Johnson on Getaway

Canadian singer songwriter Shimmer Johnson is an indie artist who has made balancing Motherhood and music look easy. I create music that connects to people. Typically I’ll talk about real life events, singing with feelings we all go through at some point in our life time thus its music that connects with everyone and never grows old. My music is meant to be listen to every day. Sure it is kinda like my personal diary I am sharing with the world but I hope everyone is enjoying my songs and finding meaning in it.