Pharmy Dhillon

Pharmy Dhillon

My lyrics are inspired by my troubled childhood, mental health struggles and the people I have known or met along my journey.

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Band Name: Parmy Dhillon
Song name: Friend or Foe
Genre: Singer-Songwriter / Alternative

I’ve always just wanted to write great songs with catchy melodies I enjoy, with lyrics that mean everything to me. For me this song is about the different thoughts that can go through my head that try and give me advice as I make my way through life, each with its own character and story to tell. My music is a unique blend of acoustic driven rock, with an onslaught of stirring, emotive and personal lyrics. It represents me completely.

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Your current direction?
It represents me, my story, and what I’m all about.  I’ve always just wanted to write great songs with catchy melodies I enjoy, with lyrics that mean everything to me and this is very much the direction I’m heading towards.

Where do you create your music?
Usually it starts with me jamming on my guitar at home, just playing around and a melody just pops out. I’ll start working on it, then I might take it to my band who add their vibe to it. I usually write the lyrics last, once I’ve got a good feeling of the song.

Staying balanced in life…
I have no life! Haha! I used to be all over the place, but now I have a good structure and schedule that fits me perfectly. It’s about being consistent with my daily schedule, so each day I try and hit the gym, do some reading, practice guitar, write emails, book shows and meditate. As long as I get those things in my day, the rest is bonus time for me to play shows or catch up with friends.

The best bit of advice you’ve had? I never used to rewrite songs, I just thought when I’ve written it, it’s done, next one!

Pharmy Dhillon

I started working with a producer who would make me rewrite lyrics and melodies, just in case I came up with something better. And a lot of the time it’s true, there are so many different ways you can go with a song.

I live in Melbourne, Australia.
The music scene is great here for the most part. On any night of the week you can find bands playing at every venue we have, which is good. But with so many bands and venues it is very tough building a fan base and getting people to shows.

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