Pixy Muse And How She Became a ‘Mustang Gurl’

Pixy Muse And How She Became a ‘Mustang Gurl’

I am a very passionate and emotional singer, and I believe that it flows out of the speakers and into my listeners.  I love when someone can connect to my music and feel the emotions I have invoked into the song. I am also a cover artist and have been told by a listener that she could feel the emotions within me, and that is a really great feeling too.

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
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Band Name: Pixy Muse
I want to credit the music composition to my collaboration partner Glauco Wander Beall.
Song name: Mustang Gurl
Genre:: 80’s electronic rock/pop

 This song reflects how I felt about my life some years ago. Although I did not work 9-5 at a job, or need to have two jobs while being a single mom, I was a stay-at-home mom that had to deal with being a wife and mother 24/7 lol Many times I felt like the girl in the song… cooped up and couldn’t breathe, and just needed to escape for a little while, but did not have the luxury.

After I sang this song, it made me think about the song by Donna Summer that is about a single mom who works hard and then comes home to deal with screaming kids and a messy house called She Works Hard For The Money. There is a scene in the video where she looks at an old picture of her in a dancer’s outfit, and longs to be back in those days or at least be able to dance and feel carefree for just a little while. Well the girl in my song feels the same way about wanting to escape from her reality for just a bit, but instead of dancing she hops in her mustang, top down, and just drives away. Granted, it is only in her dreams, and not in real life. ha

Now, on a different note, I am truly a Mustang girl lol. The album cover to this song is actually a picture of me in my 90 LX Mustang Convertible. I am actually going to upgrade to a 2011 Shelby Mustang one day! I’m thinking maybe for my 50th birthday present to myself! Unless my dad gives me the one he has; It’s not a Shelby, but it is a 2015 ruby red dream l so I would definitely take IT over the Shelby!


 My music is a reflection of my life in some fashion or form. I write all of my lyrics myself. I usually can write lyrics to a song in about 30 minutes. The writing is not the difficult part though, it’s the rhyming that is a bit tough at times.

I am a very passionate and emotional singer, and I believe that it flows out of the speakers and into my listeners.  I love when someone can connect to my music and feel the emotions I have invoked into the song. I am also a cover artist and have been told by a listener that she could feel the emotions within me, and that is a really great feeling too.
 Collaborating with Glauco Wander Beall and working with the tracks he provides me has taken me in a whole different direction, which is very exciting! He has opened up new musical doors for me, and at the same time I have become better at mixing and mastering each song. If you were to listen to my songs released last year as opposed to this song you would see such a huge difference. I have an eclectic palate food wise, as well as, music wise, and I really enjoy this new project. It has made me delve deeper into my writing as a songwriter.
It’s funny, one day before I began songwriting, I was listening to the radio and I remember thinking… “How do these artists come up with all of the lyrics for their songs?”  Later, I learned that many do not write their own songs. But, all except for one release, which was Butterfly On His Hand, I have written all of mine, and somehow I find the lyrics within my daily life or in my past. I can actually write lyrics for a song within 30 minutes. I think being a professional freelance writer to begin with has helped me immensely at being a songwriter.

I always had a thought though… “What if people don’t like my lyrics.” Well, I came to the conclusion that all that really matters is that the lyrics come from within and there is someone out there who will be able to relate to them. That is all that really matters when it comes to creating a song, which in the end creates a connection to your listeners.

 I create my music right here in my apartment in what is now my business called Pixy Muse Productions. In the past, I would write my lyrics first and then come up with the music composition, but it was always difficult when I tried to figure out a melody for the vocal line. When my new partner Glauco Wander Beall would hand me a track he created for me to do a song to, he already had a vocal line for me and trying to adhere to it while recording was a bit trying.
So,  I have recently come up with a new process for creating a song. When Glauco sends me the musical composition, I dissect the song. Basically, I break the song down by beats. I write the chorus first, so I take the chorus and break it down counting out how many beats it has. Like take Mustang Gurl for instance. The chorus is made up of 32 beats. For each beat I jotted down a mark on a piece of paper. Once I had all the marks down, then I wrote the lyrics for the chorus, and each lyric coincided with a beat. Then I did the same thing with the bridge and the two verses. And voila! I had a complete song. I do this on my laptop in Magix Music Maker program, and I have Beats headphones I sing with. I have nothing fancy, but it works.

I learned as long as something works, don’t bother buying something new until you absolutely have to!

 I don’t have that much of a crazy life, really lol I have a great job that is only Monday – Friday, and the greatness is due to having such a great and understanding boss. But aside from my job, I come home to my apartment and have no other responsibilities, except for every other weekend when I have my two kids with me. Other than that, I have plenty of time to do my music and songwriting. I also have a production company that I have launched recently. So balance is not really an issue for me. And staying focused isn’t really an issue either, but staying motivated ha! now that is an issue sometimes.

I don’t have anyone around me to keep me motivated at times, and so I tend to get in a rut or burned out, and just need to take a break from it all. I had to do that toward the end of the year last year; I just go so burned out.

But, the New Year came, and I was like a whole different person. I have been joking with my friends, that I could swear an alien possessed my body January 1st lol A good alien though, haha! But since then, I have not really had any problems with focus, balance or motivation… knock on wood ha!
 Well, just in the last year since our first meeting on your show, I have heard that it is okay to take risks when it comes to Indie music. I can’t remember from whom I heard those words of wisdom but I realized he or she was right.
As an Indie recording artist, it is usually about experimentation and going beyond the limitations that mainstream music has put on recording artists. The pop stars of today don’t want to veer off in a different direction, because of fear of becoming unpopular. Or at least that is my feeling they have.

For us Indie recording artists, we don’t mind doing the different and experimental music, because that is actually who we are. We are not afraid to be who we are, and to express who we are through our music, because we sing from within and usually our songs stem from our past or some actual events that happened in our life, and we know that there will be someone out there our music will be able to connect with and maybe even help.

 I live in Louisiana, but I live in the central to northern part of Louisiana where the music is not as influential. If you go farther south to Lafayette and on down to New Orleans, then you get to the “meat” of the music industry, if you will.  Here in Alexandria it’s pretty much the bible belt ha!

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