San Diego Youth band Play Masters with Armani Barrett Take Center Stage

San Diego Youth band Play Masters with Armani Barrett Take Center Stage

playmaster San Diego youth band

A youthful, fun and enlightening group of young teens focused on achieving their musical dreams. San Diego California Youth band PlayMasters with Armani Barrett take center stage at local events while collectively sharing ideas to put their music in motion in the studio.

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Band Name: Play Masters with Armani Barrett features Alahki Masters, Christian Jimenez, Chianu Masters and the special guest Nickelodeon’s Armani Barrett.

Person Interviewing: Armani Barrett

We want to thank Chocolate Journey for believing in us. They are a non-profit organization that simply loves kids and helps to build the arts. Instead of just thinking of ourselves as artists, we’re recording artists because they believed that we could be. Thank you Chocolate Journey, it is because of them that our direction is always rising up!

There is a great creative team that we are able to work with! ‘Mismatch Shoes’ was written by Joe Mack at Sound Collage Musik and with their help  along with writer Leroy J. Barrett III, we are currently developing more music. Collectively we are sharing ideas and then try to put them in motion in the studio. We’re incredibly excited about our future music and direction.

Our music is youthful, fun and enlightening. In a time of seriousness, turmoil and challenge, we decide to focus on the lighter side of things.We are clear that our development is just beginning but we are growing with open minds to the world. This is just the start of who we are. Creating a new feeling through music, offering fresh ideas is what it means to be an artist and this is our focus every time we hit the drawing board.

Song name:
Mismatch Shoes
Music Genre:: Pop and R&B
Play Masters’ kids are Christian (10), Chianu (9) and Alahki (10). The song is about being free, having fun and being creative in our youth. Music makes us want to dance. We wanted to create something that focused on that energy anf that feeling. Something that made us raise our hands and rock!


Staying focused and balanced…
We’re kids so the focus is always on knocking out school first. School is our only major focus other than perfecting our performances. Our parents help direct us and keep us grounded but our fire is to perform. To blaze a stage and to liven up a crowd keeps the fire going and we do our best to focus on whatever task we have in hand to make things great.

A different perspective..
I think about how my dad described to me what he is as an artist. He says he’s been given gifts to, “use the best of all he is to put smiles on people’s faces.” This resonates with me deeply and motivates me to fulfill my purpose, too.


Our parents have had a great influence on how we view ourselves and how we see each other as a cohesive group. This is an inspiration that helps us get out there and try our best. It’s very important to have confidence and the right support group ensures that your continuing to rise.


 I live in…
The amazing San Diego nestled in sunny southern California! There are countess live bands that perform at our many great venues. This community is incredibly supportive and of coarse the scenery si beyond gorgeous, that’s why we feel so thankful to be born in this city.


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