{Podcast} Branding, Marketing and Social Media Tips with Jacqueline Jax and Luke L Nesler

{Podcast} Branding, Marketing and Social Media Tips with Jacqueline Jax and Luke L Nesler

Learning Branding, Marketing and Social Media Tips for music artists with Jacqueline Jax and Luke L Nesler

Topic: Join host Jacqueline Jax with her special guest Luke L Nesler, Social Media Marketing Coach- Public Speaker- Owner of Impakt Marketing and Branding. They will be speaking on music marketing strategy and branding success strategies for new artists. With special focus on social media and video marketing.

“Making the proper plan of action is critical when determining how you will effectively market your company’s image. Each business is different but one thing remains consistent with all. Having a strong presence and brand image is crucial to your company’s success.” Luke Nesler (www.thinkimpakt.com)

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Getting answers to your questions:
1) What’s the best way to market a music brand?
Use multimedia to promote yourself. It’s not enough to produce one high quality video for your album. In today’s daily stream of social media traffic, you will attract and connect with more fans by doing video blogs, blog posts, sharing behind the scenes photos and sharing audio snips about your music. People like to see and hear audio streams from you on how you wrote the music, you thoughts on your career, or even just a greeting or update. Use the tools that are out there to push out some helpful content that will get more people engaging with you on social media. Think about encouraging people to signup for your email list to receive the special content. I’ll be doing this for you on my personal page this month at www.JacquelineJax.com so you can get ideas.

2) How far should I be willing to go for my music brand?
Stay true to yourself. Just because others are going crazy for attention doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your authenticity to get known. Stick to what’s authentically you and you’ll discover the audience that appreciates that.

3) What is the future of social media platforms?
They are trendy and have different audiences so think about engaging in more than one platform. I like Twitter, facebook, instagram and linkedin. In fact, you can read more about these platforms from previous articles and podcasts I’ve created for you. Just follow the links I’ve provied for you at the bottom of this page.

4) Should I have my own web site?
Yes, It’s always best to create your content on your own web page where people can sign up for your mailing list and share links to your social media pages from there. Social media pages and trendy and you don’t own those pages.

5) The power of blogging and email marketing.
I love using wordpress to create a themed web site for my main platform. All my content is placed there to be shared by myself to social media and for my fans to share as well. This web site is actually a self hosted wordpress blog and so are my other websites if you want to check them out. (JacquelineJax.comBlondibeach.comJaxCouture.com )

6) Additional streams of income you may not know about
You may not realize but there is alot of money to be made from passive income streams like monetizing your youtube video’s, using adwords on your web site, linking up your content with affiliate recommended products or writting your own kindle books.

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