Jacqueline Jax shares some of her best Music marketing tips as well as mistakes Artists make when promoting their music careers.

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It better be fresh and it better be good

In today’s music world your web site is a 24 hour version of you. When someone wants to find out about your work, they usually google your name and hopefully what they will find is your web site filled with awesome photos, live streaming music from your latest album, news clips of press releases, videos and an interesting more importantly extremely engaging story about who you are. Until that page exists please do not promote! Make your first impression a lasting one.
– Response time: acceptable response time is 8 hours or less, less, less
The music world moves fast and most industry professionals are dealing or exposed to 30 to 100 artists per month so if you have a public page available be sure to respond to all inquiries about your music with lightening speed. A quick response could mean the difference between getting your music a featured spot in the press or loosing it to someone who’s on the ball.
– Managers: Managers are great to arrange and schedule events and appearances, and shoulder some of the business end so you can focus on creating and PR but keep in mind that your manager is your representative to the people who can help you move forward. So with that said, if your manager doesn’t have a fast response time, is unfriendly, diva like, apprehensive, or all together unavailable, it can cost you more than just that featured spot it can break your career. Choose carefully and get involved often.
– Invites: Never, never, never send a member of the press an ┬áinvitation to buy tickets for a concert or event you would like them to cover for you.

– Press Packets – reverbnation creates electronic press packages that you can note on your business card and share via email. You never know when that will be necessary so keep it ready and updated.

– Availability- make time for all press opportunities. So many times I have had to wait for an artist to answer questions for their featured articles… I just think it’s bad form. So when you get that opportunity jump on it.

– Fresh Press – keep your website updated weekly with fresh content. The Internet ranks information partly by date and your followers will forget you if you don’t say hello.

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