(Podcast) Giving Hope for a Creative Future with Jacqueline Jax

(Podcast) Giving Hope for a Creative Future with Jacqueline Jax

Giving Hope for a Creative Future

Whether you love making music, crafts, innovative products, clothing, writing books or developing technology I want to give you hope that you can make your dreams a realistic life changing business.

You may not realize how easy it is to sell your creative designs on the Internet and become an ecommerce entrepreneur. People are doing it every day. In recent years the Internet has exploded with web sites that allow you to list single items for sale or even populate your own branded web stores for as little as .20 cents per item or just $20 per month for a 150 product web store.

All you need to make your dreams become a reality is to believe in yourself and do a little research into your options. Here on A.V.A Live Radio, I’m going to be giving you help in understanding how it all works, what resources are freely available to you and the tools you need to successfully sell and market your products online from anywhere you are in the world. Be sure to subscribe to us on our web site so you won’t miss my helpful articles, morning shows and interviews on this topic and so much more. Our goal is to educate you and help you achieve your dreams.

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To start, I want you to think of one single product that you want to sell today. You may have more but everything you will do to prepare that product for selling you can replicate once your ready to move forward. Now I want you to take that product and really look at it. Write down the name and description of it. Include dimensions, notes on quality, materials used, even a story of how it was designed.

Next your ready to take a photo. There are great services you can pay for to take professional product photos but honestly use the best quality camera you have, even if it’s your phone or ask your friends for help- everyone has a friend that loves to take pictures. Lighting is important so be sure you item is really well lite with sunlight or by adding extra lighting from a simple table lamp. If your product is music, then a photo of you playing your music will work and if your selling clothing then I suggest taking photos outdoors for better lighting. You may have to take a lot of pictures and experiment with different settings depending on your camera. Take your time and keep trying until your get great quality shots of all sides of your item.

Once you have edited your products descriptions and photos, your almost ready to lost the product for sale. The last thing you’ll need to think about will be packaging. How will it arrive to the customer. If your selling music then you’ll most likely be uploading a digital MP3 for the customer to download but if your product is physical then you’ll want to place it in a protective packaging like a clean clear plastic bag or box and brand it with a label.

Labels can be easily made at first using inexpensive services to create a label for you and also a brand image. I’ll be doing upcoming shows on all of these things but for now use what you have. Be creative. A simple ribbon and cut square of decorative paper will work to give your packaging a little charm.

Once you have that ready, be sure to come back and join me for my next shows sharing resources for selling your creative products or music.

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