{Podcast} How To Get More Views and Traffic To Your Blog and Web Site

{Podcast} How To Get More Views and Traffic To Your Blog and Web Site

Today’s Topic: How To Get More Views and Traffic To Your Blog and Web Site

Today’s Topic: Join host Jacqueline Jax as she gives you some blog content and marketing strategies to increase your page views and get more traffic to your personal blog, music page or website.  Whether your just getting started with your first blog or you’ve had a website for some time, your main two focuses should be to generate great content and get noticed. Set a goal for achieving 1,000 new visitors to your page a day. If your BIG question is how?? You need to listen to her show… She’ll give you the information that makes sense and is easy to follow in just 15 minutes.

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Show Notes:
1) Content: the content on your pages is the most important priority when thinking forward about traffic. Natural SEO optimization can never be achieved without great original content. The search engines today really know how to rank and sift through original well written content so don’t think you can fool them. You need to kill it to win at this game. Your much better off creating only a few well done pages of content per month than tons of terrible unauthentic fluff with copied ideas that no one is interested in. Plus great content keeps regular readers coming back for more and holds them on the page and hopefully will encourage them to look through your website thus improving you sites bounce rate and length of time on site.

2) Longtail keywords: instead of trying to rank for the toughest keywords, you should think about making a list of short phrases that will help your content get listed. Long tail key words not only improve your content by using them on your page, they will greatly improve your chances of better search engine listings for top key words that are related. For instance if I’m writing about shoes then I’ll be more specific with descriptive sets of keywords that better define my topic. Such as “classic black shoes” “high heeled shoes” “ladies casual footwear” those are much better for your content to be evaluated and keyword hit list.

3) Facebook posts: make sure your profile is updated with links to your web site or blog, create a public page for your website and ask people to like it. Target high profile people from your niche so if you can get them engaging on your page, you’ll get into their stream and attract so many more new subscribers to your page. Then make sure all your content is shared with images to that facebook page and encourage people to share.

4) Twitter: Make sure that your blog is in your profile description about you so that’s the first thing people see when you follow them or they arrive on your page to check you out. Follow other influencers in your niche and not only tweet your content out several times a day, directly tweet at least 3 new people you want to connect with. That really improves your visibility and gets you making new more valuable connections on twitter. Other things you’ll want to do on twitter is to go back to older pages for retweets and also make personal comments in your twitter feed so it’s not all about self promotion. You want people to see what your doing but they need to know that your a real person to so include some authentic you tweets in your feed as well.

5) Start an email list and actively create emails for your followers. Make sure you offer people a great reason to opt into your email and spend time connecting with those people who do join. I like to write a personal letter to my new followers or connect with their social media pages to show that I recognize them and am interested in who they are. You may not be able to talk to each person every day as you grow but making that initial connection will help them get to know you better. Connection encourages engagement and you want people who care about you and your content, so take the time to reach out. I spend at least 2 additional hours a day reaching out to my readers through an email, social media comment or just by checking out their feed and liking what they have going on.

maybe it’s time you joined the page.

Monday: Marketing Tip of the day: Get to Know Your Web Stats
Today’s a great day to review your stats. I never go a week without taking a look at how I’m doing. On my blogs, I have daily, monthly, weekly and yearly comparable stats showing me details like overall growth, traffic and what topics people liked the best. I even get to see what countries I’m being seen in. Stats are so important on facebook and your web pages because they help you get to know your readers and give you specific insight into how your doing. If you get good at reading your stats, they can also give you direction into what kinds of topics and media are performing the best. It’s all about what your readers want to see from you and keeping them happy is very important to your growth.

Tuesday: Marketing Tip of the Day: Don’t Procrastinate!!
Procrastinating about your dreams won’t make them go away. Neither will it make them happen. Don’t worry about making wrong decisions. Instead, worry about making no decision at all. Take time out to meditate on what you really want. Once a clear decision is made, the universe energies will immediately support your decision and doors will open guiding you with ways to reach your goal.

Wednesday: Marketing Tip of the Day- Get to know your most active users.
Give them Facebook-only special offers, showcase the one person furthest away, chose a fan of the month, tag specific people just to wish them happy birthday or say hello.
For more great tips…. https://avaliveradio.wordpress.com/category/secrets-of-success/

Thursday: Marketing Tip of the Day: A little love goes a long way
Don’t hide your love away, like the old Beatles song goes. Let ’em know you care! Make it a priority to make your customers’ day. Learn their names, their kids names, or about their dog. Invest in your relationship. Personalized emails and phone calls to see if they need anything will speak volumes – your clients will feel more like family, and it’ll give them something to talk about! Soon enough, word on the street will be that you’re the only one for them. (Manta.com)

Friday: Marketing Tip of the Day: Give back to your followers today.
Say hello and see what’s up in their lives for the weekend ahead?you may just learn that connecting is easier than you thought. You may also like… 10 Tips for building a fab facebook page
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