{Podcast} Knowing Where To Focus Most of Your Social Media Efforts

{Podcast} Knowing Where To Focus Most of Your Social Media Efforts

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With so many demands on your time to run your business and so little time, it’s very important that you make the best use of those hours you could be loosing on social media. Social media is fun but if your using it to market a product and drive traffic to your blog or web site then the big question is- Which one do I use and how much time should I be giving it before I see results?

Spend 15 minutes of your morning with me to think about how your spending your social media time and discover where you could be getting better results. I’ll also be including information on how to use stats to see where your traffic is coming from, which social media profiles I get the most traffic from and why, and what types of posts work best for social media platforms like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google and Instagram.

Show Notes:
The first thing we need to discuss before we get into choosing a social media platform, is stats. I have to say that google analytics or some sort of traffic insight tracking program is crucial to discovering what’s working for you in any direction. Without that you just don’t know. You could get great response on a certain platform yet no one visits your blog. Why does this happen? It can be a number of things causing it but I guarantee that you’ll be at a loss without stats to reveal where your traffic is coming from and what kind of people are coming to you.

As for me, I have seen a good response from any social media I spend time on. But I’m very visually focused using lots of pictures with personal commentary to encourage visits. I try to place different photos on different social medias, to create a good balance on multiple pages and I always consider the audience I’m talking to on the various platforms that I maintain.

For instance, every morning I check my email for direct connections with my followers and businesses. Then I head to my facebook pages, twitter, instagram, google and then LinkedIn. It take a me about 1-2 hours each morning including sharing new posts to my feeds. Yes it’s a lot but I have seen great traffic from all of these by using some specific methods that get the best from each of those platforms. Ive actually shared many of those tips on my show and linked them up for you on our web site for you to benefit from. (See more shows below)

If blog visits is the goal I recommend going heavy on images and video media on your site and sharing pieces to social media to pull people back to you. Keeping a list of -#hashtags at your desk is always a great idea so when you share you can get some added exposure and be sure to talk about what your blog is all about often. I’ll be going over hashtag discovery in an upcoming show. I have even used apps like magico to make video adds for my blogs and I placed a link on this event page for that free app.

A similar plan can happen with music however it really depends on what your sharing. Things like soundcloud and reverbnation streams can be shared directly to your social media pages so perhaps using your reverbnation page as your web site might be a good option for you. On reverbnation you can link up all your social media pages, create blog posts to your subscribers, share photos, video and sell your music all in one place. Take a look at my www.reverbnation.com/JacquelineJax to see how I’ve set it up. I have an app they created for me (http://www.reverbnation.com/jacquelinejax/app) and you do have options to pay for a web presence through them if you want a different look without having to build a web page. In addition I have a personal blog page where I share all my music www.JacquelineJax.com and expansions on my photoshoots and news updates. That’s what really works for me on the music end and keeps the upkeep cost low.

So getting back to social media. Let’s talk about the different ones that I have used and why they have worked for me personally.

Starting with facebook. Facebook has been a terrific people connector for me. I have been able to develop great relationships with people in the entertainment field and also musicians that I’ve feature on our show. Facebook reacts well to visual media, personal thoughts and inspiring ideas.

Twitter is like an information highway. I read it for news and tips and I share a link to everything I want to direct traffic to but the very best way to get twitter working is to tweet at least 3 people directly every day. Those conversations have encouraged the most traffic and new subscribers to my tweets.

Instagram is a platform that is all about pictures and now little video clips. I just did a show on it yesterday giving you some great tips for doing well on the platform. But you definitely get what you give so share with hashtags and then get out there and look around, comment and respond to your insta-followers. I share about twice a day, sometimes more in a series if I’m working on a story. I especially recommend that you use the platform as a mini blog by adding commentary to your posts. It really helps with engagement and people will look up your blog to get to know more about you.

Google plus, is still a infant to me as far as use. At this point I just post my news and the blogs automatically post the articles as I’m building up traffic. But I will plan to do a show on it soon so we can work on our google account together and watch them grow. Google/JaxCouturegoogle/avaliveradio

LinkedIn is a terrific way to locate business resources and professional clients. Most of the emails I get there are people wanting me to see what they sell or hear about a service they offer. It has a very strong “let me introduce myself to you” presence but people do react well when you connect with them. You just have to give as much time as you get. I like using the group pages to post announcements to certain demographics who may be interested in the radio station topics or my fashion products. For instance, we get a lot of musicians from their music and entertainment groups looking to get featured on our station. It’s also a great place to locate things you may need like people to align yourself with, management, or product sourcing. I’m going to Link up some extensive research I’ve done on LinkedIn in previous shows so you can get more helpful specific tips to using the platform.  (See more ideas for linkedin)

My next research is focusing on a service called feedburner and how it can help you with getting better SEO among the search engines. As soon as I have that information down and I’ve used it myself for a few weeks and seen results I will of coarse share that with you here on AvA Live Radio.

Now it’s Your turn. What are your tips for getting more followers and traffic to your pages? Share your thoughts with me here below or tweet me at @JacquelineJax

Remember Patience Gets Results
As with all things worth having, your journey to the top requires patience. What your doing requires hard work, time, energy and lots of resources to ensure the best results. But with that said, any time you patiently apply yourself towards a goal you WILL be successful. Patience will allow you to fully identify your target, properly research what it takes to achieve your goal, and apply the effort with diligence. I always say, “Slow and steady wins the race!” Remember the story of the tortoise and the rabbit? Well you know who came out on top there. Besides isn’t it better to remember your wonderful journey to the top rather than to speed right by it and have it all go by in a blink.. It’s your life that’s rushing past you so remember to enjoy it doing things you love.

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