{Podcast} Marketing Your Music Brand Through Social Media

{Podcast} Marketing Your Music Brand Through Social Media

Today’s show:
Talking about promoting your music brand on social media. Don’t feel lost… I have some great tips to share with you that I have personally used successfully in promoting my own music brand.

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 Making your music brand stand out
I was recently online in a LinkedIn chat discussing the troubles artists are experiencing promoting their music. At best it seems like many artists are feeling lost in how to promote themselves and most just give up feeling like there’s way to much competition. I wanted to address the subject on today’s show because I am experiencing a much different response to my promotions for my music on JacquelineJax.com and I thought if I shared some of the concepts that work for me, it may help to inspire you.

1) Pictures… Myself included, most of the best music brands are using tons of pictures to promote their music. I personally take a ton of photos to mark events and activities that I think may be interesting to tell my followers about. Not only in promotion of a music project but to give some kind of insight into what I’m seeing or things that inspire me. Instagram is a great way to express that in short picture form so I recommend liking your instagram to your facebook and Twitter so you can help paint that picture across multiple social sites. You also want to think about using hashtags to allow people to find you easier. For instance we use #avaliveradio for inspirational photos and posts that we want to be easily found in our social media feeds. I also love watermarking photos so when they get shared or lost out there, people still can connect them back to a main web page where they can find and connect with me.

2) Inspiring thoughts or questions… These are fun ways to connect with people. It’s all about connecting with your fans on a deeper level so be sure to share your thoughts like your talking to a friend. It will help you get in the right zone.

3) Be Creative… Offer packages of products to support your music. Things like:
Music with personally autographed photos, live home concerts, and pre-releases of songs are things that faithful followers will typically buy from you in support of your projects. Be sure to add personal autographs to make the experience more personalized.

I’ll be sure to share more of my tips in future shows for you so be sure to subscribe to our website today before you leave.

The holidays are coming up…
This is such a great post by Philip Meade came on my facebook page today. I’m always talking about encouraging the indie artist but there are also so many local things you can do every day to support people who need your help. Small businesses went through a major downtime in the last few years forced to close their doors because of the big chain stores cutting prices and cheap online shopping sites enticing shoppers with free shipping. But there are many quality personally owned shops out there and online offering wonderful products and personal experiences for their customers. Take a look around and try to buy your gifts from someone instead of someplace. Even include a little note to your friends about where you bought it and who made it. No matter what the price, it’s special to be someone’s source of inspiration by appreciating their creations and business.

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