{Podcast}10 Pro Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram

{Podcast}10 Pro Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram

{Podcast} 10 Pro Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram
Every week my assistant and I sit down with some of our favorite Instagrammers to chat about the art and marvel in their mobile photography efforts. We take a look at their editing process, their favorite apps, and overall how Instagram has altered our approach to photography in general.

Listen in: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2014/09/02/branding-and-marketing-10-pro-tips-to-get-more-followers-on-instag

In my review, I couldn’t help but compose a list of tips from these true Instagram masters who have collectively amassed over 2 million followers.

Show notes:
1) Shoot for yourself not what you think people want to see
With all the stats we analyze, this may seem like it goes against the nature of marketing but if you want more followers on Instagram, you need to quit worrying about how many people are following you and focus on telling your story through your photos.

Figure out what you like to shoot, the subjects you like to work with, and what editing process really captures your vision. Once you get that down and pits your favorites to instagram, the likes and follower will come pouring in.

2)Slow down
It may look effortless, but Instagrammers that I have talked to confessed it takes time to capture that perfect a selfie with an amazing background shot or you enjoying that beautiful sunset. Sometimes they take as many as 20 or 30 pictures of the same subject before they get the perfect capture. Don’t worry about posting often, just shoot for twice a day and post more if you have a unique picture day. But be careful about posting to many of the same thing. Think about your edits.

3) Learn how to use your camera to the best of its capabilities, and then spend your time experiencing the world around you as you move through it. Observation is the most important tool a photographer and a viewer. There are so many interesting shots you can create from a simple subject with camera setting, filter,etc so get your leaning cap on and experiment.

4) Be patient. The gratification is not instant. You have to slow down and take your time. In doing so, you may find there is a lot more to offer in a composition than what originally caught your eye.

5) Take a stroll! If I need to be somewhere, I’ll try and give myself the time to reach my destination by foot. I find that walking gives a photographer the time to really soak up their surroundings and capture moments they might otherwise miss. I love walking my dog so I always bring my camera with me and I’m guaranteed to get something great to remember the day.

6) Do something different
Stop posting photos of your feet in the sand or photos of you jumping in front of famous sites. What ever you usually do, try stepping out of your comfort zone. “It’s easy to follow trends and hack what ‘works’ but we have enough of those accounts. Do something different

7) Experiment.
Look for different angles. Get down low to the ground, climb on top of something or hold your camera over your head. If you take a shot, find another angle to shoot the same scene. The more you shoot, the more you will learn what you like and develop your own style.

9) Have a ‘thing
something that consistently shows through every photo. You want people to look at a grid of your pictures and see something that unifies them. They are more likely to follow you if they can clearly see what they are signing up for.”

10) Learn from the best
Let your feed guide you. What is it about the photographers you admire that makes their work so captivating? Is it the way they light their shots? Their perspective? The captions they write? For extra credit, get off Instagram and look at the work of commercial and fashion photographers. Try to understand exactly what you like about their shots and see if you can apply some of those techniques to your own work. You can be inspired by others but still create something entirely new.

Bonus tips::

12) Lighting:
Try focusing on lighting one day. Just try to capture light in your photos and see what happens. I think your perspective will change from this point on. Pay attention to lighting the way it effects the composition.

13) Perspective : Shake up your perspective by slitting your screen in half and placing your subject slightly off center to add some dimension from showing the background and the foreground. Using a grid overlay on your camera app can help for lining up or dividing your frame as you shoot.

Your turn. What are your tips for getting more followers on Instagram? Share your thoughts below!

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