Claude Thompson

My music is about real life. My emotions, thoughts and feelings. It has been therapeutic even at times. I love music and it inspires me everyday.

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Band Name: Popichil`O
Interviewing: Claude Thompson

Song name: Melody

Music Genre: Hip Hop


Popichil’O song ‘Melody’ is about finding real love and holding on to it. This is how I would like to feel about my future wife, whoever she is. This is me talking to her, as well as hopefully inspiring others to recognize true love and hold on to it.

Music is how emotions sound and you can hear it all around. I believe you have to manifest your ideas and have a passion for what you do to be “successful”, even if noone else believes in you. Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. Know your worth. And you can’t put an age on art when it comes from the heart. Older or younger, if you make good music, it will become timeless and maybe even reach the mindless.

How does this represent you? I want to promote positivity with my message and talent. Words are powerful and so is music. We can inspire or touch others and that’s a gift. It’s about living, loving and laughing.

Life is short and we have enough negative vibes in the world so I wanna be one of the positive vibes. No one is perfect and I understand we need a balance in music. But at this point its about healing and helping others and I’m thankful for this outlet

What is your inspiration for being creative? I create my music at any given time. I could be walking and something could inspire me to write. Or I can be out socializing and a thought or idea can spark a song or verse. It’s rare I just sit down and write a song. It’s a process usually meaning I might write a hook and then come back and write a verse, then finish it later depending on the project or song. I can write within a certain amount of time, but I like to create naturally and let it flow. I never ever force anything. I rather just let it be than force something.

How do you stay focused? I stay focused because life inspires me to create. Without life I wouldn’t be inspired to create.

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve had? Just do you. No one can do you better than you. I actually thought of that myself. If you believe and understand that, your worth will increase mentally and spiritually. You are your own entity

I live in Chicago and the music scene is vast. We have Jazz, Blues, House, Rock, Alternative as well as “hip hop” and more. It’s a great music city and I believe in the future the world will see more of our music diversity.

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