(Behind The Music) Quick Machine on Live Fast

(Behind The Music) Quick Machine on Live Fast


“Live Fast” is an anthem. Pure and simple. It was written to remember that you’re only here once, so try not to take things too seriously and enjoy yourself @Quick_Machine

Live Interview December 14-6:00 pm et:
Episode #399 http://tobtr.com/9653637

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW QUICK MACHINE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

“Live Fast” is an anthem. Pure and simple.
It was written to remember that you’re only here once, so try not to take things too seriously and enjoy yourself.

Live Fast

Richie and I have been playing music together for years in many different projects.
Live Fast came at a time where we were just forming the band and getting the new material together. I had the riffs laid out but just couldn’t think of a theme. Richie, immediately after hearing the riff, said this one should be called “Live Fast” and it’s all history from there.

Support Artist: https://quickmachine.bandcamp.com/track/live-fast

As far as recording, we had the luxury to record in the Doghouse East
owned by Frank Pino Jr. He introduced us to Alex Fiorentino who became the engineer on the project. He absolutely killed it. Without Alex, I’m not sure that we would have captured the sound we did. He’s truly special and has become a great friend of the band.

There’s all sorts of conversation right now about whether Rock N’ Roll is dead.
I can’t say that it hasn’t totally died but we grew up listening and worshipping rock gods like KISS and Guns N’ Roses. There’s not many bands right now trying to bring back the 70/80’s feel and vibe and we hope to achieve that. That was a period where rock music was fun and bands didn’t take themselves too seriously. We’re a party rock band and want to keep it that way.


We all live right around Boston, MA.
The music scene is a bit lacking at this point. A lot of the classic music venues of the past have been closing and it’s a shame. It seems people would rather go to a club to see a DJ or cover band somewhere instead of an original rock show. No disrespect to those performers, but I miss the days where people would go to a club to see a good local band on a Saturday night. The rock scene seems healthier around Worcester, MA and Manchester, NH.

We’d like to build on our following in the northeast first
but ultimately would love for our songs to go national. We believe in what we’re doing and we have a hell of a good time doing it. Hopefully the album is well received and we can keep it up.

The biggest con right now is everyone assumes music should be free.
The problem with that is there are tons of very talented musicians trying to make it in an industry that’s tough to break through in. Every penny counts to them so they can keep creating. The flip side of people having such easy access to your songs is just that. Music is so easily accessible that we could release a song today and get a message from someone across the world telling us they love the song. That’s a great feeling but truly a double edged sword.

Wow. This is a really tough question.
We have so many people that have inspired us over the years. We’re assuming this person has to be alive so we’d have to narrow it down from Paul Stanley of KISS or Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters/Nirvana. Both are marketing geniuses and share a deep passion for rock n’ roll. We’d likely choose Paul Stanley because he’s been around and successful for so long, through so many different eras of music. Five minutes isn’t a lot of time so we wouldn’t be able to tap into all that knowledge, but just being around someone that successful at what they do would be an experience

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