Country song writer Randy Allen releases ‘Saturday Backroad’

Country song writer Randy Allen releases ‘Saturday Backroad’

Randy Allen tells us he likes lots of music and this new EP ‘Saturday Backroad’ has some Rock, Country, Bluegrass vibe to it that makes it unique.


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Person Interviewing: Randy Allen

Song name: Saturday Backroad
Music Genre: Country

It’s about two old flames reunited because of a child that was conceived in the heat of a moment. Though the guy has fallen in love with her and wants to make a commitment, she doesn’t feel the same as he does. She gets pregnant, has a little girl. The guy has no idea until later down the road when the daughter he didn’t know he had tracks him down and reunites the two.


My music is…
A blend of George Jones, wrapped with Alan Jackson and tied together with some Luke Bryan.

Your current direction…
I have always written more traditional old school country songs. This single has put me into the mainstream direction of todays music.

I’ve still kept my music real to who I am with that true country feel. I like lots of music and this New EP has some Rock, Country, Bluegrass vibe to it that makes it unique.

Being creative…
I have a personal studio where I compose and write. I also make trips to Nashville TN and sit and write/demo my songs and get collaboration.

I’ve written songs with Marc Alan Barnette who has many cuts with the stars of country music such as Shelby Lynne, John Berry and David Ball. I work with Judy Rodman who teaches vocals and also penned ‘One Way Ticket’ for a 16 year-old Leanne Rimes.

All my songs are recorded in the Studio in Nashville TN with some of the great musicians on Music Row. I’ve been fortunate in my career to have worked with many of the great well known musicians in Nashville who inspire me everyday and help me create the music you hear today.

Marketing the music..
It’s really important to start hyping up your song almost 6 months before the release and drip out the music over time every 2 or 3 months.


Having a balanced life…
Sometimes it can be a challenge with everyday tasks. But I set aside a couple hours in the day to be creative and let the business run on idle for a while.

The best advice you’ve been given…
Jimbo Hinson who wrote Party Crowd for David Lee Murphy, Told me: “When you are writing a song; look in the mirror at the person you are writing about” and you’ll always be inspired.

I live in Asheville, North Carolina and the music scene here is becoming the sister city to Nashville with an ever growing music community.

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