{Behind The Music} Red Words on Take me Lord

{Behind The Music} Red Words on Take me Lord


I have a very musical family and have been writing and recording music since the age of 13. My inspiration came for me at a very young age and music helped me express myself when nothing else worked, good or bad music was a vehicle for me to get out of me what I needed to say when I needed to say it. – @redwordsband

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW RED WORDS
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Paul Ammendola/Red Words

I have a very musical family…
and have been writing and recording music since the age of 13. Most of us in the band have been involved in various music ventures all of our lives and came together in 2012 to produce spirit filled music with no fear of putting our hearts in a song. My inspiration came for me at a very young age and music helped me express myself when nothing else worked, good or bad music was a vehicle for me to get out of me what I needed to say when I needed to say it.

Take me Lord

I wrote the lyrics to this song in a hotel room on vacation with my family in 2009,
at had progressed in my faith but was questioning some direction and couldn’t find the answers. This song was a simple prayer asking God to use me for what he sees as my purpose. It sat in a journal for a few years and began to speak to me as I was searching for clarity in my life. I began to play some music to it and it slowly started to take shape. I mostly sang it alone and introduced it an event and closed my eyes to sing it and when I opened my eyes the entire room had their hands in the air with their eyes closed and right then and there I knew that this song was not just for me but for anyone seeking God and direction and not only direction in what we think we need but God’s will in God’s way. It then began to be the most requested song when I played church services and we decided as a band to record it on our CD and believe it blossomed into exactly what God wanted a prayer in a song.

Our CD is a collection of eclectic Christian based songs
that gather style from multiple genres. We try sounding like us, but allow the music to explore many different means of expression. Our first cd has become the foundation of Red Words and believe our next CD is going to be another level in the journey of Red Words. We always want to honor God but most songs dig from experiences we have gone through with hope being found in something greater than ourselves. What may seem sad is actually the platform for grace to enter. In a world that a lot of times dwells on the dark and/never finds a solution, we believe that every pain can become purpose. We want people to know that hope is not found in things but in someone.


We all live in New York and the music scene in Manhattan thrives
but for the music we play it tends to have a niche and is sometimes hard to get people to come out not only for Christian music but original music on a whole. We are praying that as long as we honor God with our music that if one person is in the room and is touched that that is all that matters. We are hoping with our next cd that avenues to radio and additional resources will be more open because we believe that what we are doing needs to not only be heard but felt by many.

All of us have had our ups and downs in the music business
and can say all sorts of things about it. For me I do hope that an avenue for success in CD sales takes place but only so we can reach more and write more. We all love writing, recording and playing our music for people and look forward to spreading it out to the world through the business much more than we can do on our own.

As I said in the previous paragraph, the business is the business
and I can complain and of course hope for airplay and record sales but in the end, if one person is moved and changed we are ok with it. Pros would be that great music gets out to a lot of people and cons, sometimes not so great music does as well. Music is very effective in evoking change in greater ways than we think because it can enter a heart with no lyrics, so sometimes it can reinforce negativity in people and that I feel can be dangerous sometimes.

I turn my struggles into triumphs in many ways in my life.
I utilize music to write about my challenges and ups and downs, I then love to show how to get out of the dark by using those pains and struggles to help people. If a song encourages one person to walk away from abuse or negativity then I am a happy boy.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with the apostle Peter.
I love how Peter was a simple man who struggled and denied and failed and had tantrums, but still kept going. We all struggle, fall fail, fight, but as long as we fail forward we continue to move toward the finish line. I am inspired by those who don’t give up and those who help those to never give up.

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