(Behind The Music) RedWine and Roses on Cherry Tree

(Behind The Music) RedWine and Roses on Cherry Tree


Cherry Tree was born from a verse that Rebecca Jozwiak created.
Rebecca is the piano/keys player and co-founding member of Redwine and Roses. Rebecca is a super talented songwriter in the Fort Worth area and has her own solo projects like her band Signals and Alibis, as well as being in Redwine and Roses. Anyway, Rebecca and I occasionally write songs together for the Roses and for our own solo projects; and we always bounce ideas off of each other @Redwinemusic

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Rob Redwine

I always had written what I considered to be “songs” back in high school,
but I never had any musical talent to play an instrument at the time. I was never one of these early musical prodigies that could play the guitar like Robert Johnson at 15 years old. I really didn’t even own a guitar at the time. However, I did write a lot of poetic/song type lyrics that I have looked back on and realized they were pretty cheesy. It’s hard not to write something cheesy growing up back then; with all the great John Hughes movies, and shows like Revenge of The Nerds, and MTV power ballads… I love all of that, and ate it up back then. I was a hopeless romantic back then, and that was a major contributor to song writing. It’s funny because I have not written many “Love Songs” as a professional song writer though. So when one does come out these days, it’s usually pretty good.

Cherry Tree


Cherry Tree was born from a verse that Rebecca Jozwiak created.
Rebecca is the piano/keys player and co-founding member of Redwine and Roses. Rebecca is a super talented songwriter in the Fort Worth area and has her own solo projects like her band Signals and Alibis, as well as being in Redwine and Roses. Anyway, Rebecca and I occasionally write songs together for the Roses and for our own solo projects; and we always bounce ideas off of each other. Rebecca sent me the first verse of Cherry Tree one day, and I loved the symbolism in it. It’s funny because it is one of those songs that took me about 20 minutes to write 4 more verses to it and send them back to her. We cut one of the verses out of it, because it would’ve been too long of a song to make the record, otherwise we probably may have kept it in… but that also adds to the mystery of the song itself I guess. I took what I interpreted as Rebecca’s image of the “Cherry Tree” being a cathartic place where all sins and wrong doings by a former lover, could be divulged. The forbidden fruit of the cherry tree could not only be eaten, but also be a symbol of confession and a backhanded remorse. Rebecca is brilliant at creating lyrics of a dark love, where the words cut through tension like a warm butter knife. She wrote a song on our last record “Micky” that was called “The Silo Effect”, and the lyrics present a very powerful story of lies and deceit and the lengths taken to cover it up. Anyway, Songs like Cherry Tree are an example of why I love writing with her when we get the chance, as she makes me up my game as a songwriter, and dive into waters that I wouldn’t normally dive into.

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I’m very proud of our latest record One Bullet Left.
I think the writing in this record far exceeds the writing in the previous three records. We recorded it in three different studios, and finally landed where it needed to be at a studio in Waco Texas called Six Shooter Junction. John Dempsy and Mike Stanley produced and engineered the songs, and both of them really heard the songs from the angle I was coming from, and captured the essence of the sound that we needed. There’s a certain growl to the guitar tones that we just haven’t had before, and the organ that Rebecca played in several songs added such a color that the record was starving for. They pulled something out of all of us… subtle riff changes, subtle additions and subtractions that they have an ear for. The record itself is a gritty southern rock record, with a few ballads mixed in that soften the overall theme. A writer told me recently that it is very cinematic, and I believe he hit the nail on the head. I wrote several of those songs with a cinematic theme in mind. Chicken Run is based on my favorite scene in the movie Rebel Without A Cause. One Bullet Left is about a dirty outlaw in the 1880s, on the run from a mob. Saints and Sinners is centered on a bank robbery gone awry. If I Only Had A Heart is a song that has already gained considerable traction in Nashville… it is a song based around a line from the Wizard of Oz. The record as a whole is an up-tempo, smooth rockin series of stories from various eras and life experiences. I certainly hope that several of these songs make it onto feature films or shows, as I think all of them have a quality made for the big screen.



I live in Fort Worth Texas.
The music scene in Fort Worth is incredible. So many super talented musicians and songwriters all in one place. I guess if there are any complaints at all about it, is that on any given night there’s 10-20 different places to go and catch a great show. It’s hard to complain about that if you’re a music fan at all. There’s a ton of great venues in and around Fort Worth… I guess my personal favorites would be venues like Magnolia Motor Lounge, Lola’s, The Grotto, Whiskey Girl Saloon, Bathtub Gin’s, The Landmark, The Chat Room, The Basement Bar… and I’m sure I’m forgetting several. There’s so many places for good live music its overwhelming if you are new in town. I host a Songwriter Series at a place called Bathtub Gin’s, and it is truly a great place for acoustic songwriters. Many people and fans come from next door at the neighboring Martin House Brewery, to hear the songwriters every Thursday night, and it is really cool to see and meet so many fans every night. I love this show because it is home for me. Every time I’m on the road and every show I play, I look forward to getting back to the Songwriter Series. It brings me back to my roots, and gives me a place to try new songs, as well as play the old ones that I forget about until someone yells one out. That’s the biggest juice for a songwriter is knowing that people have favorite songs that they want to hear. That’s what makes home for a musician. That’s what makes a town a great musical town. Fans and friends that really love the music and make every effort to be at the shows in these phenomenal venues, and make every effort to make sure you know you are loved.

A lot of people get chewed up and spit out by the music business.
The flashing lights, the persona, the glam, the whatever… The heads get bigger and bigger, and then deflate like a helium balloon. I’ve seen it time after time after time. I’ve seen it from start to finish, and I’ve watched people as they think that they’re “the next big thing”, only to fall back down to depths below humility. A lot of the “music business” has to do with the type of person you are… those that take it in stride and don’t let the highs or the lows outweigh each other, are the ones that will do something in this industry. Not getting into the corporate side of the business, but staying on the music side… the music business is what you make of it. If you work hard, and keep your head right, you can make something great for yourself. But there are dues… And everyone needs to pay those dues. Everyone.

I think we all went through the early years of not getting responses from venues,
struggles with your writing demons, little sleep, little money, juggling your time, no representation or management or radio promotion, and definitely trying to be yourself verses a part of the machine… But again this is all part of paying your dues. It gets better on the other side, but you’ve gotta go through the trenches to get there.

Write about them! Every situation… every moment of life,
whether good or bad can make a great song. And those experiences are usually always something that someone else has gone through as well, which makes it a song that people can relate to. Write about it! Always write about it!

Oh man. This is a loaded question.
Everyone from Hunter S Thompson to Bob Dylan, from BJ Barham to Hayes Carll, from Walt Whitman to Robert Johnson. That’s a tough one to say. I guess off the top of my head I would say Todd Snider… That’s a cat that I would love to have five minutes of stories and laughs and lyrics with. I’m quite sure it would only be one story from him and the five minutes would be up, but it damn sure would be cool to hang with that cat for five…

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