Rock Mania July Segment

Rock Mania July Segment

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Rock Mania with host Jacqueline Jax playing you a selection of brand new rock tracks from a variety of new indie bands.

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Band Name: Sloppy Joe’s

Song name: Right Decision

Music Genre:: Rock / Classic Rock

I live in… Hamburg, Germany

This song is about a guy who tries to get his girlfriend back. The song is a high energy rock track with a catchy chorus. The song is the second single form our latest album “Eight Reasons To Rock” and shows what our music is about: catchy choruses, big guitars and strong voices. We are already working on a new album that will be released in 2019.


Band Name: Keith Heimericks

Name of song: Small Town USA

Genre: Hard Rock/Classic Rock

Small Town USA is the title track for Keith Heimericks’ album. What you can expect is a Classic Rock feel, with aModern Rock twist that tells a story. It will bring you back to your glory days in full Rock glory, and having you singing at the top of your lungs during the choruses! At traffic lights…with your windows down, while people are staring at you!




Band Name: Sin7

Name of song: Erased

Genre : Metal/ Rock

Sin7, A band formed in 2012 because the members were sick of the lack of true commitment in past members. They have always been on a path to the success they knew that they wanted and have finally found the right mix of members to get there. Erased is about a fight with life’s everyday struggles and the emptiness that somehow slowly kills us all from within.


Band Name: Hence The Noise

New Single: Hence The Noise

Genre : Hard rock/Metal

A NY/NJ modern metal band with classic metal influencers, featuring 14 year old powerhouse drummer Robbie Russo. The song is about becoming someone one is not, due to betrayal and the consequences of a toxic relationship.

Band Name: No Wrong Numbers

Name of song: Whiskey Jeans

Genre  : Funk Rock

No Wrong Numbers is an Alternative Funk Rock band that is usually known for their energetic music. “Whiskey Jeans” is a song that perfectly mixes together the 90’s Funk Rock music style.




Band Name: Quetzalcoatl Band

Name of song: Nubian Queen

Genre : Rock/ Tribal Latin Rock

Quetzalcoatl Band is a 5 piece Tribal-Latin- Rock band from Riverside CA The band has a short life of 2 years but with a new album and non-stop gigging all over Southern California. Their fan base just keeps growing and growing. Pablo Luna put the band together in 2015 along with Jesse Melendrez. The band expresses the Chicano experience in today’s society. Their sound is a fusion of Rock, Latin and Meso-American and African rhythms which encompass the true nature of Latin- Americans in Southern California. The new album “La Catrina” is an album filled with heavy guitars in the midst of tribal sounds and percussion. Nubian Queen is the first single off of the album and is prime example of the new Latin Rock sound.