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Artist: Homerik

Name of song: The “Ire” of Green

Genre: Symphonic Progressive Death Metal

Love is a rare, fleeting thing. It is the amalgamation of honor, truth, partnership, and a desire for greatness. Woven by the strings of fate, your journey takes a turn towards the light. By the embrace and comfort of your companions, your adventure onboard this vessel slows as your traveling companions rejoice on deck with booze, jokes and plenty of puffs to go around.



Artist: Saturn Machine

New Single: April’s Child

Genre / Sub-genre : Altrock, postgrunge, pychpunk

Saturn Machine is a three piece occult psychedelic altrock postgrunge band from the UK. Swirling guitars meet powerful hooks to create memorable songs with a distinctive sound. Lyrically, the esoteric qualities are designed to be interpreted by the listener. We like people to tell us what they think the songs are about.


Artist: Pushing The Sun
Single: Tragic love

Genre: Rock
Indie band from San Fransisco California.
Bringing light to your life with fire in their hands- Guitarist Billy Connally launched Pushing the Sun in 2012. After his successful instrumental album release, The Silent Canvas on Steve Vai’s Digital Nations label, Connally was ready to return to his roots — a rock band with a charismatic lead vocalist. Releasing a 3 song ep and a music video for their song Tragic Love, the band has rapidly gained momentum playing a ton of gigs in Northern California including an opening slot for Rockstar Uproar when it came to the Shoreline Amphitheater.


Artist: Machado de Einstein
New Single: Won´t You

Genre / Sub-genre : Rock, Alternative rock
Einstein de Einstein is a band from Balneário Camboriú, SC Brazil. With ripped vocals and lyrics in Portuguese and English influenced by bands like Linking Park, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Metallica, O Rappa, Dazaranha, Charlie Bronw Jr among others. The objective of the band is to address current and philosophical social issues through music with energy and rock and roll sound. Novo Rumo features typical Distorted Grunge guitars of the 90s and Hard Rock, bass, firm and striking drums with unusual lines. The vocals transited between soft moments and ripped drives well performed by vocalist Daniel Siebert. The musical production was signed by Oliver Dezidério a experienced Brazilian producer who, working together with the arrangements made by Machado de Einstein, created a modern and organic sound, resulting in a unique sound texture.


Artist: J. Angel Alae
New Single: Renacido

Genre : Genre: Rock / Subgenre: Instrumental
Artists Bio: Bio: Under the influences of different hard rock and blues rock guitar players, this Spanish guitar player decided to try his luck, writing, recording and producing his music himself. And his amibition takes him to create Guitar based songs, from pieces of Symphonic Rock/Metal with lead Guitar Lines, to Blues Rock tunes… / Song Description: Renacido is a song to listen to when you come back after a hard time. A good song to recharge your batteries after coming thru hard moments, and feeling alive and strong again…

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Artist: $Greed$

New Single: Sign of the Times

Genre / Sub-genre : Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal

$Greed$ is a Heavy Metal band that first formed in the early nineties as SImon Le Greed which was later shortend to $Greed$. Heavy screaming guitars, rolling bass, fast drums, and vocals with strong political passion is what we are all about. No butt smooching girly music here, just Heavy Metal!



Band Name: Living Waters
Single: “Do What He Tells You to Do”

Genre / Sub-genre : Blues Rock/Christian Rock
Living Waters has been in existence since 1976! And we are still going strong, recording new material. This song compares the water into wine miracle to a miraculous change in someone’s life. Watch out! One guy played it 15 times in a row!




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