{Behind The Music} Roots & Bones on Savage

{Behind The Music} Roots & Bones on Savage


There is a true story behind almost every of our songs but mostly I like to keep the core idea to myself and not burst the bubble. I think this kind of lyrical style opens a much wider space for the audience to fill in with their minds and relate to. – @roots_and_bones

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ROOTS & BONES
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Henrik Korpela (vocals), Tatu Pärssinen (drums)

H: I started my musical journey at the age of six by violin and classical music. From there I changed to guitar and singing popular music at the age of 15  and here we are now.

T: I think I saw drumming in tv at early age like six or seven and I was sold.
Got my first drum set at age of 10. I did some classical percussion studies too. From high school years I have played in various bands.


is about just having fun and letting your mind wander like a savage child in a jungle. Seems like some people are nowadays so estranged and limited from what we really are that they should be shaken back to basics once in a while.

Support Artist: https://itunes.apple.com/fi/artist/roots-and-bones/id623270755?l=fi

There is a true story behind almost every of our songs
but mostly I like to keep the core idea to myself and not burst the bubble. I think this kind of lyrical style opens a much wider space for the audience to fill in with their minds and relate to.

I usually have a line or two from where the whole song starts to build. If nothing useful comes up at the moment, I may look for some old observations or poems from my notebook, or nowadays  from my Iphone.  Occasionally an idea sparks, something or fits the feeling. A couple of times the lyrics have dropped very quickly like a stream but that is quite rare. I usually spend a long time refining the lyrics. Music typically comes before the lyrics for me.

H: “Spirits and reflections” album is classic rock with many moods and variations.
I would describe the songs easy to approach but you can still find multiple levels.

T: Yeah, as Henrik mentioned, different moods, to be digested in laid back posture.
A good whiskey or bourbon will fit the mood .


H: We live in Helsinki…
The music scene is quite lively. Depends of course what you are looking for. I would recommend myself some small shady pub gig, maybe a blues club. Those have usually the best vibes rather than in bigger venues.

Yes the live scene is happening. Also lot of open-mics/ jam sessions
around Helsinki almost every night which I like.

H: We have been mostly DIY band so if you are talking about the major music business,
that is quite distant and meaningless to me. Disposable music on the charts gives mostly nothing to me. Nowadays it is so easy to put out music through different electronic vendors or print a small edition. That is of course a great thing and opens up lots of opportunities for smaller bands.

T: Music… what?

H: As a pros, I have a great band(s) to express and experience new music.
So there has been many magical moments on and off the stage. You feel invigorated and alive after a good music session. Nothing comes close to that. As a con you might say the load of work you have to do to make things work but I try to take that just a necessary part of the process and learn every day something new.

T: Form me it is at it’s best when you get the flow on stage,
kind of when you feel the band is totally together and the audience is with it, it’s magic. The cons must be all the background work, roading and all the trouble you go through to play one hour live. But it is worth it.

H: Social media is of course a helpful thing for artist
some point but I still think that the music should be the number one thing. And I don’t think you should be babbling all the time all around in social media. There should be still some mysticism in rock n’ roll which does not include selfies etc. every five minutes. But that’s just my old school opinion of course.

T: I think all these FB, bandsintown, soundcloud and others
are all good when they do not become the main means for the band to exist. I mean you can be a “youtube-musician” too, nothing wrong with that but I don’t really appreciate the idea of for example purchasing loads of online likes for a band page. Think for instance of using all that online-time rather at studio working on that groove on that song, you know.

H: Of course trends sell but as we all know trends come and go.
Good music is good, it’s not depending on trends.

T: I don’t mind if the band would suddenly be attractive
for whatever reason be it trendy or what ever, but like some wise guy said (it was Bowie I think) along these lines: “it’s terribly dangerous for artist to fulfill other people’s expectations, I think they produce their worst work when they do that!”

H: Pushing on relentlessly. Eventually, maybe after multiple dead ends, there will be triumph.

T: Just believe in what you do and give it some time.
Sometimes the triumph is only to be seen from a distance too, I think.

H: By keeping the inner balance in line and listening yourself, you know what to do.

T: Trying to get there, lol. It’s just about the finding the balance between making living and doing what you love.

T: Music-wise there are so many, but just first that came to my mind is Jim
Keltner, he just knows his craft. I’m sure he would give me at least a couple of essential tips regarding how to go about my music in just 5 minutes.

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