(Behind The Music) Samantha Babooram on Flawless

(Behind The Music) Samantha Babooram on Flawless


“Flawless is all about life- about brokenness, love, knowing who you are, and just enjoying the journey! ” – @Sam_Babs

Live Interview December 6-12:pm et:
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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


This song is about 2 things, life and love!
In this world-it’s so easy to look at other people and their lives, and think they have it all together,and that everything’s perfect! But that’s not true, everyone has a story, everyone has low points at sometime in their live’s, and it’s important to remember that we’re not alone!


I sing that “ Your love has made me flawless”,

because I know that Love is quite literally the only thing you need in life! If you have love, you have everything! It can completely change anyone,or any situation. You can feel completely worthless or messed up, but if you have someone there loving you and believing in you-it can give you hope,and make you feel alive again!

I wrote this song when I was going through a tricky season in my life,
I was suffering from panic attacks a lot and had to press pause on my life for a while! I felt like I was totally screwed up, alone and broken but I knew that God still loved me no matter what and that regardless of how I felt- to Him I was flawless!

What can you expect from my EP?!
A funky,rocky, but at the same time easy listening sound, with an inspiring vibe! I’m soooo excited about it because it’s the first time I’ve recorded with live instruments, (usually it’s all been amazingly done on computer programs lol) so yeah, I’m loving the real and raw vibe! I play the glockenspiel on it too- which was a total first for me lol, but I loved it! Very different to playing guitar haha!

Flawless is all about life- about brokenness, love, knowing who you are, and just enjoying the journey!


I live in London, UK!
The music scene is incredible here, so many places to perform, so many awesome artists, so many different styles, so many opportunities, it’s amazing!

I think the music business is great,
it’s a lot more accessible now than it used to be,which is a good thing for all us aspiring artists out there! It is a very up and down industry to be a part of though, so I think you have to really know who you are, and why you do it! If you lose sight of those things,then it can become pretty meaningless!

l’d love to have had 5 minutes with Michael Jackson,
just because he’s an absolute musical legend and I love him! I grew up listening to his music, and was the biggest fan ever! Plus 5 minutes would probably be just enough time for him to teach me how to moonwalk haha!

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