{Secrets of Success} Digging Deep For Interviews

Jacqueline_Jax_avalive_radioI interview artists and entrepreneurs weekly for the station and am amazed at how many people spend so little time on their interviews. I’ll start by sending them about 10 questions to help them create a story about themselves and their work and am often disappointed in the responses. Although entrepreneurs typically have a lot of interview savvy, giving up lots of personal stories and playful accounts about how they interact with their business and the people in it, Artists take the longest to respond and often hold back every aspect of what makes them interesting to the readers. Amazing to me, since entertainers  should be able to entertain. Today’s music artist seems guarded and scared of revealing those wonderful frailties that make their stories so unique, interesting and relatable.

Recently, I received an interview back from an artist after several weeks filled with vague one sentence answers that offered no details. They had flattened their lives so senselessly that if I would have posted the interview, people may have unsubscribed from our web site and at the very least taken a pass on the artist no matter how talented they were.

My point of telling you this story is to enlighten and hopefully inspire you to pay more attention to how you present yourself to people. It’s important to build a consistent story line of how you started expanding into the many wonderful experiences that brought you to where you are today. That’s what makes you unique and interesting to people. To further, illustrate this idea, I thought I would share one of my letters with you so you can benefit from the perspective.

(The artists name has been excluded to protect the innocent as they learn how to perfect their interviewing skills.)

Jacqueline Jax:  Hello _____,
Yes, we are all very busy with multiple projects and jobs. I myself run 3 companies and still make the time to do these interviews for wonderful artists like yourself. I can’t impress upon you the importance of investing yourself in everything you do, especially when it promotes something you work so hard for.

I do a magazine interview every week for one network or another and have found that those interviews about me really work together to paint a full picture of my journey. People decide through these interviews if they want to know more about me. #1 artists and entertainers at the top of their game, spend time from 7-10am of every morning interviewing with multiple people and radio stations regardless of their late night activities or long work hours. . It’s a huge part of this business and being successful.

Thanks for your answers but please go back and expand.  We have discovered that content is the key to great search engine listings. If you could expand a bit on each of your answers, I think they would be more engaging and readers may be more interested in relating to you.

Quick and vague answers tell the reader nothing about who you are and what you stand for.

Isn’t that  one of the goals in doing the  interview to begin with?  We want you to get the most out of your interview with us so please take another pass at it and tell a little story or two about yourself by answering the how, why and the when of each question.

Do your best, this article will hold a valuable piece of internet real estate for many years to come with your name on it so make it a story that counts outlining the experiences that brought you to who you are today.

Best to you always,
Jacqueline Jax
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2 thoughts on “{Secrets of Success} Digging Deep For Interviews

  1. Hello Ms. Jax and thank you so much for once again hitting the nail on the head. If the potential interviewee only knew the opportunities a well prepared interview could create for themseleves and their craft, they would take it so much more serious. I look at it like a job interview. I’m applying for an opportunity to have a small slice of your life and time for what it is that I do. As my interviews increase in my music career, Im learning to use this introductory stage to make the very best impression I can because after all this interview is also Branding me and what I do. One could be led to think if the interview isn’t any good then what they have to offer may not be any good. How many times after hearing a great song on the radio did you go looking for more info on that artist or an interview they may have done? The performance opportunities that are created, the openings one could gain in bigger publications, exposing themselves to more and more people increase their base, all from a great interview…OMG! Thank you Ms Jax. I hope many more get a chance to read this article.

    Michael Egleton


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