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Have you often wondered if pay per click would work for you? In order to feed my curiosity I took a poll by asking a bunch of our community members in different businesses what they thought of pay per click advertising. Their insights were very helpful and illuminating.

My own experience with pay per click has been fairly uneventful. I used it in 1994 when I got started selling clothing online, a few times while I was building different web pages and recently on Facebook. Each time I used it, I built a fairly attractive campaign, assigned a target audience and gave the advertising a budget. The outcome wasn’t much to entice me to use it regularly. Pay per clicks registered visitors to my web pages and social media page but rarely produced sales. I’m not saying this kind of marketing doesn’t work for anyone, it just didn’t make sense for my business. Perhaps with a lot more investment and time it may have shown better results. Over all I found that it was much more effective to hire an assistant to personally campaign for the company by direct email, social media marketing, and networking. The clients I have gained are more engaged with my company and more likely to spread the word to their friends. In the end, I still to this day believe in finding and developing a relationship with quality customers to build a brand that will endure over time.

Now that you have my insight, here’s what our community members had to say about their experiences. After you read them, please chime in with your opinion and comments.

Jacqueline Jax
Host of A.V.A Live Radio

Community Insights:

Pay per click advertising is no stranger to most of us, and although the company’s who sell it try to portray it as being “easy to use”, it is still far from that. For starters, the advertiser is bidding on his key words against others who have already purchased them. Popular words can cost as much as $3 – $5 per click. Let’s use a peanut butter manufacturer as an example. His most popular word “peanut butter” is more than likely in that price range, if not more. A less popular search phrase like “inexpensive lunch for school children” may bring very satisfactory results for far less per click. Then there is the use of negative key words. You would use negative keywords when you want to ensure that your ad doesn’t show for a particular word. By preventing your ad from showing on irrelevant searches, you save money on wasted clicks and create more opportunities for it to display on searches that are relevant and could lead to conversions. Since this is essentially a “bidding war” for the price per click, let’s say you secure a search phrase to purchase for $1.25 per click and the clicks are rolling in. Then mid afternoon, someone else bids $1.50 and bumps you out of your spot and your ads stop running. If you (or someone) is not monitoring this all day, every day you can lose momentum very quickly. Another case in point, how many times have you seen a paid ad at the top of a search and then find the advertiser at the very top of the organic listings? Why did he bother to pay for the ad? Ignorance, stupidity? I for one have never been able to figure out that one. Wikipedia defines organic listings as this: “Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. In contrast, non-organic search results may include pay per click advertising.” In the final analysis, PPC Campaigns are not for the inexperienced. Hire a professional to run your campaign. It’s just worth it. – Daniel Wrench- http://www.forthought.com

I did the pay-per-click advertising for FB & Google, They give me $50 in free advertising Honesty, I am glad I was not using my own money. They say it say it takes at least 3 months or longer to see the benefit for pay-per-click advertising. Also, it was very difficult to use. I couldn’t see where my leads were coming from. The way it works is you get a certain amount of clicks per day until you pay for them. Now, this doesn’t mean you pay ONLY when that click goes to sale. I found that I was spending a lot of time figuring it out…I called up Go-daddy who supports my site to have a SEO specialist to help me. He told me that I need to support the pay-per-click marketing for at least a couple of months. This would mean spending money that I don’t have. I have ask others about it… some people do really good with the pay-per-click, but they have more $$ to lay down and have a person watch the pay-per-click promos. Since, I do all my ads and marketing myself Godaddy told me that my ads are better than most, and I should stick to what is working for my site. I hope that helps – Terry Ruvo www.eyeonbeauty.info

PPC ( pay per click advertising ) is a great way to sell your product or service online or to simple get more traffic to your website. PPC can get very expensive very quick so you want to make sure that you do it correctly so you will get an ROI ( return on investment ). There are three critical components to a successful PPC campaign: 1) the Google keywords that the ad is going to target must be researched carefully and chose wisely to maximize your ROI 2) The wording and image of the Google ad must be attractive and enticing to the user so they will click on the ad 3) The “landing page” where you take users who click on the ad must have a proven design (content and action buttons) that will get your users to take action (buy your product, read your article, etc. )- Hector Torres, of Idealocity , an Internet Marketing firm  http://www.idealocity.com/contact-us/

I have spent thousands on Pay Per Click for our Family owned business, Rooster’s Guide And Outfitting Adventures, LLC. on Facebook www.roostersguideandoutfittingadventures.com The return in hits and actual Clients has been fantastic! I would highly recommend Pay Per Click for Promoting small and large businesses alike. The return on the small amount invested has helped our Family owned business grow in leaps and bound. It has also helped us to grow our Facebook Clients for Rooster’s as well. Thank you….God Bless and hope life is treating you well.- Ava St Pierre Cogburn

I’m glad that you asked that. Basically Pay Per Click is a budget driven campaign which will be costly on your part and once budget is exhausted your website will be out of the ball game. And Pay Per Click is only advisable for those seasonal business like snow removal they are only in demand during winter. What I would suggest is do the Search Engine Optimization for your website, same idea as Pay Per Click but to place the website to be on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL and Bing. But on this one it would be unlimited hits, unlimited traffics not a Pay Per Click meaning to say it doesn’t matter how may people visits your website or how many click you’ll get it will always a flat rate. – Chris Cortez- IN

I agree with the previous comments. I spent lots of money on pay per click but got fairly good results for a while… the problem is if it were pay per purchase it would be different… I would sometimes have 50 or 60 clicks on one key word that never generated one sale… At the time it was the only way to advertise…. Good luck with your business. -Pam – CAL

I don’t think much of pay per click, it can get costly and there are a lot of other free things out there that new marketers can take advantage of such as free advertising sites that you can advertise on worldwide. -Joe – NY

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