Social Media and Tech News for Video Creators

Social Media and Tech News for Video Creators

Instagram launches it’s NEW IGTV app to 1 Billion viewers

The New IGTV is here are you ready for it?

Coupling entertainment from social media stars and a platform with over 1 Billion user would seem like a great idea and it looks like facebook is getting it right for once with a bold split app called IGTV. This instagram app which features 1 hour long form vertical video is shaping up to be a fun hub for musicians and influencers of all kinds.

IGTV is available on both the instagram app through a designated icon located in the upper right hand corner of your home screen and also on it’s own app where users can play only video and upload their own content. I’ve also seen push notifications at the top of my screen on instagram highlighted in orange and yellow letting me know when people that I follow have posted a new video.

Youtube may owe Music creators Billions of dollars in fee

Have you been launching music videos on youtube or are you planning to do it? You may not want to miss todays report if your thinking about it. Youtube is preparing for a major update to the way it pays out royalties and also how it cross promotes products for creators. YouTube’s head of music, Lyor Cohen, touted what an “incredible time to be in music” it is at Cannes yesterday. Meanwhile, YouTube may owe musicians whose videos have appeared on the platform billions of dollars in fees.

On Monday June 18, 2018, YouTube Music, both ad-supported and premium versions, launched in 12 additional countries, including France, Canada, Germany, Russia, Sweden, and the UK. As the video streaming service seeks to take on music streamers like Apple and Spotify. 

How Video Creators will be Making More Money in 2019

YouTube is taking steps to give creators more opportunities to monetize their content on the platform by bringing channel memberships to more channels and launching partnerships related to direct merchandise sales. There have been lots of changes to the app thus far but the biggest changes are still rolling out.

Memberships, which were first launched as sponsorships last year, allow fans to pay $4.99 per month in exchange for perks from their favorite channels. Perks could include exclusive video content, like live streams, or specific shout-outs from the channels’ creators.

YouTube has rolled out memberships to a few select channels, and some of the creators who have used the feature have found it to be a significant source of revenue. YouTube has partnered with Teespring so creators can easily sell customized clothing, phone cases, and more directly from their channels. Thus far, the number of creators who are earning six figures per year is up by 40%.


New Youtube feature lets you launch New videos on Live streams.  
The world’s top video platform has announced Premieres, which let creators launch their new content within live streams they can share with their fans. Viewers can register their responses in real life, creating a communal atmosphere. Premieres are not just for engaging with fans; as YouTube noted in a press release, the new feature opens up fresh monetization options for its users. By sharing their work in a venue where Super Chats are available, creators have the potential to pull in thousands of dollars from their fans. A more public launch is set to arrive “soon.” Stay tune.


Will Instagram be monetizing it’s IGTV platform?
Looks like there will be some interesting monetization features rolling out on the app for creators. As to who will be monetized and how, I’m explaining what’s happening on today broadcast. As for copyright infringement on IGTV, Williams shared that Facebook’s Rights Manager service — its answer to YouTube’s revolutionary Content ID system, which rolled out to Instagram in February — is fully plugged into IGTV as well. Instagram and IGTV apps currently provide identical experiences, the company hopes that users will increasingly shift to the IGTV app when they are seeking a more immersive and highly-produced video experience — whether that be a two-minute vlog or a premium web series.


Jax Daily VidCon is giving away grants to Video Creators
Today on Jax Daily. VidCon is giving away grants to Video Creators. VidCon Will Distribute $2,000 Grants To Emerging Creators Every Week For The Next Year. VidCon co-founder Hank Green is helping independent creators with his new VidCon Creator grant program that he just unveiled during VidCon this past week. Every week for the next year, VidCon (Viacom) will gift $2,000 to an emerging creator in hopes of furthering their artistic growth. Listen to the podcast for tips on How to make your content more engaging and time saving strategy for getting 2 videos a month accomplished and marketed effectively.


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Jax Daily UK Singles Chart will Count Youtube Video Streams.
UK’s most prominent music chart BBC Radio 1 will now be counting the official music video views towards charting position. As of June 29, 2018 this change takes effect.  Each 600 streams a track receives on free, ad-supported service (such as YouTube) will carry as much weight as a single sale on a platform like iTunes. For streams generated on paid subscription services like Apple Music and Spotify Premium, the rate will be 100 to 1. The first BBC Radio 1 chart to feature YouTube views will arrive a week later, on July 6. Only views from official music videos will be counted.