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Featured Music:

Flight 619 – Dying Daze
Genre / Sub-genre : Rock / Hard Rock / Alternative Rock
“Dying Daze” Newest Single from Flight 619. “Dying Daze” New single from Flight 619! “Living Each Day Like It’s Your Last” Flight 619 was formed by drummer Dylan Roth and vocalist Kota Wilkinson in 2014. Flight 619 is a animated mixture of guitar driven rock and melodic vocals backed by an exceptionally vigorous rhythm section. Driven by forces that appeal to a diverse audience that continues to grow! Flight 619 expects to rapidly expand and spread their music to as many people as possible, by any means necessary.



RODDAN – Bitter Pill
American, Singer-Songwriter, Folk
Roddan’s original song, “Bitter Pill” is currently # 57 on the commercial charts. , An American singer-songwriter from Seattle, he skillfully demonstrates to us his diverse influences from Blues, Americana, Folk, Rock, and Modern Country. Currently finishing up his debut album (MUSIC HOUSE) of 11 original tracks recorded in Austin, TX with SXSW award-winning producer, Rick Del Castillo. “Roddan has dropped a stunning solo album. Showing himself to be one of the better songwriters in the business nowadays.” Jamsphere Magazine.

Genre : Country, Americana
Bar Code is a catchy country tune with a spin on Bar rules. Texas singer/songwriter Todd Barrow kicks out a rockin country song that will have you on the dance floor. He has a fan base from all over the world who can’t wait for his next project.


Ibby- Breathin
Boston singer songwriter Ibby launches her second full length Album, “Cross Your Heart”. Much has changed from this young butterfly as she shows growth in both her songwriting and vocal abilities. Each cherry picked story written from her “bedroom floor” embodies a teens life unfolded yet with early maturity. As a songwriter, Ibby is definitely stretching her wings diving deeper into lyric than every before. As you listen to each story, you can imagine her sitting in the back seat of the car somewhere between Virginia and Tennessee, waiting at the airport or sitting in her room strumming her guitar.
Spotify –
Facebook page link-
Instagram page link-



Jen Hanson – Jen U1 –  Butterfly
Genre:   Urban Pop
Sub Genre:  Hip Hop, Smooth Lounge
Jen Hanson  AKA,  Ms.  Jen U1, originally from Northern California, residing in Los Angeles, is a multi- talented and prolific singer/songwriter/solo artist. Jen recently landed a recording, publishing and distribution deal from International label Bentley Records, NYC/Worldwide.  As a member of the Bentley Gang, Ms. Jen U1 has released seven tracks of smooth urban pop with jazz, blues, folk, and alternative rock influences.  She plays every instrument and sings every vocal part on her Indie style pop records, available at Amazon Music.  Jen Hanson is also a talented painter and photographer.  She designs her own merchandise line at shop VIDA, as well as the cover art for her albums.
Reverbnation Link:
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @a1hanson      @JenU1art
Spotify account- jenhansonjenu1
YouTube Channel- EPK


Rakel – Las Palabras
Latin Pop artist from Medellin, CO.

Gerry Magallan – Like a Magnet and Steel

Genre: acoustic pop, easy listening, geriatric cool. Sub-genre: singer-songwriter, mariachi-funk (still working on this one)
Originally from Northwest Indiana, Gerry performed as a solo artist and with a variety of bands in the Gary and East Chicago Indiana area throughout the 70’s. After giving up performing as a solo artist for more than 30 years, Gerry decided to “jump back in” in 2015. Gerry sites his musical influences as “singer/songwriters Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, the R&B sounds that were a big part of growing up in Northwest Indiana during the 70’s, the beautiful Mexican ballads my parents used to sing at home, and the classical and jazz music I studied while in College.”

J-CooL aka ThePurple Prince – Stay Consistent
Genre: Hip Hop / Urban
I would like everyone to know that J-CooL is here with a new style, flow & message overall that is Stay Consistent, thats also the name of the album but this is lead single. The new melodic flow driven wave i created is coined by Dj Rell as “Finesse Style” being a Florida / Ga based artist. New mixtape hosted by Dj Rell, Dj Pretty Boy Tank & Dj Fresh has more Finesse Style flavor is now online for download & purchase on all streaming platforms. Plus Stay Consistent music video is also online for veiwing on many blog sites via youtube & worldstar.


Genre / Sub-genre : ELECTRONIC / TECH
Emphasizes dangers of over education and the dysfunctions it causes
Released on “juno download”.. Under Record Label “Dj Reni L’mas”.
TWITTER: @djrenilmas


Band Name:
Pixy Muse – Chasing Rainbows
Genre: Indie / Ambient
Do you ever have a certain question and never really know the answer, because there is not a true valid one? There are many questions in the world that truly have no right or wrong answers, because they just “exist” in a person’s mind. Finding out answers to these types of questions is like chasing a rainbow and never reaching the end. This song reflects the question of why a certain individual came into my life. We had a long distance relationship that did not end well, and it just made me think, ” Well, okay then, he crossed my path for a reason, now what is it?” LOL


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