Artist: Jamie Cain
Single: Ghost

Genre / Sub-genre : Pop/Indie/Synth-pop
A mix of soul and pop, new solo artist from Ohio. The song ‘Ghost’ was written for anyone who has ever experienced being with a totally conceited, egotistical jack*** and having that revolutionary “I deserve better” moment. As I was writing it, I was imagining standing on a pedestal with my girl squad back-up, calling this person out for their true colors. Wouldn’t that be liberating?

My music is Authentic, fun, and brutally honest.  This release represents my current direction because at one point was apart of how I was feeling and where I was in life. I used to think way too intricately about putting my music out there for people to hear and be so nervous about what listeners would think. One day I just said ‘screw it, if not today.. you never will.’ We change everyday, as we grow and learn and develop. Who knows, maybe I’ll want to write a bluegrass record tomorrow. I doubt it.. but if that’s how I feel, that’s what I’ll do.


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