I am Ryan Boyce. I’m still the working class, son of middle America that you spoke to last year. I’m at a crossroads, guided by music and governed by practicality. I’m still as motivated as ever, to share this journey, this music with everyone who will listen. Music is the last universal conduit that connects us all, transcending all boundaries and barriers.

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Sound with a Soul
Person Interviewing: Ryan Boyce

Song name: Grace

Genre:: Good Music
Grace is reflective of how easy and often we take for granted the saving grace of a friend, a lover, a companion, and as we all do, realizing their value in the chaos that is life. It’s about remembering what’s important such as family, relationships and friends even when life gets you distracted.



It’s hard to put a finger upon a particular person that I am most influenced by because I’m so interested in people, places and stories. It could be the most brief of moments, a total stranger or iconic celebrity. I’d like to believe the human condition in and of itself is the foundation of my influences.

Given my educational background in English and History, word play and prose are first and foremost in my approach. However, there are instances wherein I pick up a guitar and just start fumbling through chords and piece together a riff and go from there. In that case though, I really focus on the emotional sounds of the chords, if that makes sense. I’m drawn to acoustic instruments for now.

I love a resonator or dobro, violin, cello and woodwind instruments, but I love to infuse those traditional sounds with the grit of electrified strings, organ and heavy rhythmic beats, whether it be drums, pipes, chains, boots on boards or just hands clapping in time.

I spend most of my time…
I’m still in Utah. I spend the bulk of my time raising a family as best I can. However, Sheri and I aren’t far from being empty nesters. At that point, I’d really consider moving back to the Carolinas or Virginia, or maybe looking into what Europe has to offer. Given the social and cultural climate of the times, it’s nearly impossible to speculate beyond right now and maybe the immediate or foreseeable future. I do incorporate writing into almost every part of my day though. It’s impossible to set it aside. Everything is a story.

Favorite music or success quote…
“In this life, there are those who do, and those who just say they do. Don’t tell me. Show me.”

Ripped Off and Modified by Ryan Boyce
This can be a short term goal that contributes to your long term goal. How did you decide on what this direction was going to be and why it was important. I’ve really started to try and focus on all the little things I can be doing to make this life better. Maybe focus more on preparation and finding the confidence to perform live with the same passion I employ in the studio. I’m learning to accept that my passion is equally as effective in making music and can fill in a great many holes left by a lack of superior talent.

What is most easily taught and practiced music making or songwriting? I think it’s different for everyone depending on your natural ability and passion for it. I wake up every day and redefine my priorities and adjust my attitude so that I’m prepared for the day and make sure my life moves forward. I’m always open to learn and grow. My big challenge has been to stay positive but that’s my own battle. At the end of the day, I do this to inspire people. I want people to listen to the lyrics and feel something.


What are 3 things you’ve learned this past year..
It’s ALL work.
You make yourself or you get made.
Can’t, Won’t, Don’t, never could do a f*cking thing.

I’m really looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone, and to refusing the setting of limitations or boundaries before taking on the task, musically, socially, culturally.

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