Machado de Einstein New Single ‘Won´t You’

Einstein de Einstein is a band from Balneário Camboriú, SC Brazil. With ripped vocals and lyrics in Portuguese and English influenced by bands like Linking Park, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Metallica, O Rappa, Dazaranha, Charlie Bronw Jr among others. The objective of the band is to address current and philosophical social issues through music with energy and rock and roll sound. Novo Rumo features typical Distorted Grunge guitars of the 90s and Hard Rock, bass, firm and striking drums with unusual lines.

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Indie band Madstone rocks across multi genres with Freedom isn’t Free

California Rock band Madstone releases their new song “Freedom isn’t Free” and talks about making rock music across multiple genres and how make it all work.  “I lose myself in what I’m doing every time I perform. That skill is not an easy one to come by and takes years to learn and some performers never get very good at it.” 

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