The Creative Journey with Danielle Haskell

The Creative Journey with Danielle Haskell



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The creative journey…

Right now it looks like I will be back in the studio in August. My co-writer / producer and I are working on dates when I’ll be meeting with him in Nashville. It’s been a busy summer, but I can’t wait to get back working with my creative team. I’m really excited to announce that I will also be doing another video with my next song. My videographer and I are already talking about thoughts for my next video and photoshoot. Doing a video will delay the release of the song a little, but it will be worth the wait.

My last two songs were “Forget” and “Always With You”. Both songs have double meanings and hold a huge significance for me. I was really close to my grandparents and I happened to lose both of them within months of each other. My grandfather had Amzheimer’s, so I wanted “Forget” to raise awareness and remind people they are never forgotten. Since my grandmother passed away from cancer and there is a strong history of cancer within my family, I also wanted to raise awareness for cancer, while reminding people they never need to feel alone. I was hoping that Always With You would go beyond the actual loss of someone and even apply to anyone feeling lonely.

Music direction…

As an artist, having a double meaning behind my songs that evoke emotions and include circumstances others can relate to is really important. Hearing how my fans relate to my music is seriously the best part of having music. I’ve read stories from them that have made me laugh and others that have made me cry.

As you know my songs fall into the Christian genre, but I have been fortunate enough to gain fans from all music types. That’s incredibly exciting, because it means I am achieving my goal. Yes, my songs have a Christian meaning, but as a person and as an artist it’s extremely important to me for people to know I value everyone. When someone who was atheist became a follower and messaged me that he felt my music impacted him as well, I considered it a huge compliment.

The video…
I’ve been really lucky to have my videographer, Andy Evinger, because he has come up with some awesome locations and ideas. My last video “Always With You” was recorded in Nove Entertainment Studios and my previous song “Forget” was recorded in StarStruck Entertainment Studios which are both in Nashville. If you look at the list of stars who have recorded or practiced in these studios, you can’t help but feel lucky to be there.

I have shared some of the behind the scenes clips from both of these videos. The clips were just recorded with my phone, so the quality isn’t great, but the fans have really appreciated them anyway. They like hearing the sound and video checks.

I pride myself in the emotional meaning behind my songs….
When I’m thinking about concepts, the message has to touch my fans and apply to what’s happening in my life and others at the time. If someone relates to my song then in the few minutes that they are listening to the song, not only do they become part of my story, but I become part of theirs and that is an awesome feeling.

Managing to balance life, music and marketing….

It’s really important to have that sense of normalcy or regular teen life for me. In ways I completely separate my music from my personal life. I’m a typical teen with music, from all genres, constantly playing in the car. If you plugged in my phone you’d be listening to country, pop, Christian, rap…


Social media is my biggest challenge….
Between coming up with strategies, balancing time and considering safety, it’s really consuming, but I love taking the time to connect with fans. Facebook is my most effective platform, but Twitter has recently been great for connecting with Indie Radio Stations, like the awesome AVA Live Radio, other amazing artists and new fans. I’m new to ReverbNation, but definitely love it! It’s where fans can easily check out my music, videos, press releases, photos, sign-up for e-mails and so much more.

I am lucky enough to have amazing fans who are literally all over the world. One of the first radio stations to play my music was in Brazil and things just took off from there. That got “Always With You” as #1 and “Forget” #4 on International Christian Charts. People all over the world bond over music and I’ve been lucky enough to have that work for me.


Asheville, NC…

I moved from Maine about a year ago and now live in Asheville, NC. With it’s amazing diversity when it comes to music and opportunities, Asheville is a great place to be. You have the history of bluegrass music along with country, pop, rap and Christian. You can hear anything in Asheville. There are constant music festivals and the drum circle has become a huge tradition. Anyone can participate by drumming, dancing or watching. You can show up with a bucket as your drum if you would like. You have all of this surrounded by the beautiful mountains scenery and more. The mountain scenery is literally everywhere.

There are several recording studios, but I am the most familiar with Echo Mountain Studios from having taken a class there. It’s become quite well known in the music industry and it, as well as the list of other available studios, probably play a role in the fact that Asheville makes the top 10 cities for music industry in the US.





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