The Key to building a highly engaged music community

The Key to building a highly engaged music community

Have you been feeling lost lately by the hundreds of marketing advise columns thrown at you each day?

I feel your pain! 

Let’s just take it all down a notch and try to reverse engineer your marketing strategy.

I’m advising artists every day and in all these years the very first strategy that we ever used in music marketing is still the BEST one..

I’m not going to try to convince you that this one strategy of mine will work for everyone because some of you are not going to be great at this but with a little tweeking, we can figure it out.

If your mailing list never grows and your social media posts are dead and getting very little engagement then you will benefit BIG TIME from figuring out a way to make this happen.

The key to a highly engaged and supportive music community is in the value you offer rather than the quantity of music you make. 

Let’s think this through…

If you were browsing around social media looking for something both entertaining and interesting and you came across a post that caught your attention, what would that be like? 

Most of my more viral content has actually come right from my website in the form of a blog post. Very early on in my career, I discovered that people responded better to my stories posted on my website than to anything else I did.

Further, the content on my website tends to be shared more often to all kinds of social media pages, has magical SEO abilities and is more likely to be subscribed to than a fleeting social media post.

The reason is…

  1. When someone is on your website you have their undivided attention

  2. When someone new discovers your website, they will subscribe to make sure they don’t forget you.

  3. You have more real estate on your website to provide a more robust and engaging experience

  4. A website can serve as many things. It can sell your merchandise, tell your story, start a viral share and become a common meeting place for you to consistently engage with your people.

  5. Everything looks better on a website and it’s a one stop entertainment venue for your work.

  6. Further when you use a blog to communicate with your audience, they get trained to come back to your place first. 

But how do you make sure that your website is filling the needs of your current fans and connecting with new ones? 

That’s where the quality and value come into play.

It doesn’t always have to be about your music.

If you allow fans to get to know you in a more intimate way, (not just your music side) you are more likely to connect with your audience on common ground.

Sharing an experience together by describing and picturing the thought, the event or what ever is happening is the BEST and simplest way to connect and leave a lasting impression.

Take out a sheet of paper and start writing down what your day was like. I’ll bet it was very similar to most of us. That struggle, laughter, movie you just saw.. The unexpected hurdle came across in the studio today or that conflict your having with your sister is all great stuff to write about. Those memorable moment actually sell music and turn you into an amazing story teller.

I don’t expect you to be amazing at this right away but eventually you’ll see a clear path through it. People will start to engage with the stories that are most relatable and that could become the winning content for your social media pages and next songs.

Further, you can start shaping your music videos around the topics that your audience designates most with.

That’s the real energy behind building a brand and that’s the real secret that no one tells you.

It’s YOUR story that’s most valuable.

Offer a free song to an new audience just isn’t special enough to gain a supporter and even if they take the free goods, they will probably unsubscribe because you really haven’t significantly changed their life yet.

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