The Refusers New Album ‘Freedom Fighter’ Rocks Controversial Issues

The Refusers New Album ‘Freedom Fighter’ Rocks Controversial Issues

Rock and roll is the music of rebels.

Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, and nearly every rock subgenre have gone to war against oppression and tyranny to fight in the name of free-thinking and individuality. Using robust instrumentals and face-melting guitar work Money Talks and the Freedom Fighter album is a fun ride for those looking to rock.

Artist: The Refusers

Genre: Rock
Located in: Seattle WA

Money Talks knocks and rocks the limousine liberals and Hollywood elite who make such a big show out of virtue signaling while flying around in private jets. Money talks!

The COVID crisis lockdown has left millions of people unemployed and not paying rent. They face eviction unless the lockdown ends. This Refusers song Money Talks is a takedown of the haves vs. the have-nots.

‘Clown Show’

‘Clown Show’ finds The Refusers – including Grammy-winning drummer Brendan Hill, engaging in fiery takedowns of the government and its entrenched systems. Aligning with battling those institutional forces, The Refusers speak for the little guys (and gals) fighting racism, police brutality, a broken healthcare system, big pharma, propaganda, and the lies of the mainstream media designed to keep the sheep grazing blindly. All this with blazing rock guitar tracks designed to rock your world.