The Swinging Chads ‘Blue Sunshine’ mysterious inspiration

The Swinging Chads ‘Blue Sunshine’ mysterious inspiration

Randall Mcgowan explains The Swinging Chads ‘Blue Sunshine’ is about a Moon Bow visitation in Maui and his celebration of being four years free of throat cancer and the Cubs winning the World Series!

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Person Interviewing: Randall Mcgowan

Song name: Blue Sunshine
Group: The Swinging Chads
Jon Otis – Drums/Vocal.
Norman Collins – Guitar/Vocals.
Randall Mcgowan – Bass/Keys/Vocals.
Doug Adams – Guitar/Fiddle/Harmonica/Vocals

Secrets to success for a musician today…
We have a new record coming out and as we start that process there are many things that need to fall into alignment. We of coarse place everything out on all streaming sights as a single and look at sales.

A.V.A Live Radio is a cornerstone to our plan. You all do a wonderful job in bringing a new line of exposure both through fans and industry to our music every time we launch with you.

Once that process is complete we roll through the process with video to paint the picture of the music. There’s an audience out there that’s very demanding wanting so much more so we work hard to give them both vinyl, video and digital streams.


Keep rolling and work hard. There’s a longevity factor of quality songs, they feed the hunger for decades. I like to challenge myself to make music that offers that kind of quality and hopefully speaks to it’s audience.


A Professional musician for over five decades, Randall Mcgowan was born in South California and migrated to San Francisco in 1962.


The Doobie Bros? He explains…
My first band was with Charlie Baty, AKA Little Charlie and the Night Cats. A blues/rock driven group and we enjoyed two years of playing at every teen venue in The San Francisco Bay area. In my first year of college at 17 years of age I auditioned for The Mojo Men. They liked me but I had a five year ride for college. So my contact at Warner Brothers set up a meeting with Ted Templeton and the other band got the gig. They were know as the Doobie Bros. The band; Ravenfox had the 45 year reunion this year.


Music Genre: Americana


Blue Sunshine is about…
A Moon Bow visitation in Maui. My celebration included being four years free of throat cancer and the Cubs winning the World Series!

Link to play:


My influences are…
Playing in Church; worship is the highest form of music. The Lord inhabits the Praises of His People and this lights me up.


My Baby Grand Piano in my home is awe inspiring! And, as a bassist, my 1966 Rick 2001 model bass still does stand on its own for tone


I’m also inspired working with Ken and Norman. This is true joy and we have a great team. I spend most of my time in Lakeport, California, my home for 16 years. It’s a great place to live. A small town on a lake.


Where are we going? To the top. Where we going? The very tipper top.
Favorite quote, from John Lennon


What are your goals…
Maui in February for a radio show and baseball in April. New songs in Chads land for our new CD ‘Bring on The Heat’ which will be on the airways.


Your three lessons of 2017?
Prayer is all day
Play music every day
Be grateful for everyday


And what are you most looking forward to this next year?
More new songs and touring for The Swinging Chads.

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