Behind The Music with The Winter Project on Pantomime

Behind The Music with The Winter Project on Pantomime

Boston, Massachusetts Indie Band The Winter Project discusses their newest EP, “Stories of Suburban Discontent” specifically looks at the trappings of the idyllic, suburban family life.

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Person Interviewing: Chris Meusel

Band Name: The Winter Project
Todd Charbonneau (vocals)
Chris Meusel (guitar)
Ron Belanger (bass)
John Ehrlinger (drums)
Ken Cerruto (guitar)


Song name: Pantomime

Music Genre:: “power dirge”, “post emo”, “ adult alternative rock”

I live in Boston, Massachusetts. The band practices in a home studio in the suburbs of Metro West Boston. The new EP, “Stories of Suburban Discontent” specifically looks at the trappings of the idyllic, suburban family life. Not is all what it seems on the surface.

Our first release, “Pantomime” in particular looks at the normal facade so many couples and families go through in their daily life. People have wants and needs that are so often not expressed and certainly not met. Couples have a desire to avoid conflict, especially when there are children around, soccer practice to attend, PTA meetings to plan around, groceries to buy and meals to make. Daily life gets in the way of living. And emotionally it is draining, and this cascades to the children too. There’s a reason divorce rate is so high.

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Our music has best been described as “post-emo” or “post-punk” some of the songs fall more into an “adult alternative” style. But it’s all indie hard rock. Often Ron or I will come up with a lyrical melody and basic chord progressions on our own, then the whole piece comes together with the entire band contributing to bringing it to life.
I don’t spend too many days without playing my guitar. Family aside, music is probably the most important personal thing I do.



This record is the third installment in our “Discontent Trilogy” a kind of “Welcome to suburbia!”

Everyone is happy with their white picket fences, soccer games, sensible minivans and 2 and a half children in each home. These are the aspirational trappings of life in the suburbs. Behind the veneer lies darkness bubbling under the facade of tranquility and prosperity. Like its urban counterpart, suburbia often festers the more ominous parts of daily life: jealousy, depression, loss, regret, addiction and failure. These are the themes explored in “Stories of Suburban Discontent”.

We write songs sometimes that thematically didn’t really go with this concept, so there are a bunch of tabled “happy songs” maybe that’ll be the next record… “Happier Times and other Fables” lol. But personally, I find getting the darkness out to be therapeutic.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?

Ron said to me when we were roommates, “Just make a band.” So, I did. It would be another 5 or six years before he and I were playing in a band together.

His suggestion stems from a similar bit of advise he received as a freshman in high school. A couple of his friends were starting a band and needed a drummer. They said, “Belanger wanna start a band? We need a drummer?”

He replied, “but I don’t know how to play drums. I play piano.”
In unison they answered, “that doesn’t matter! We are starting a punk band. You don’t need to know how to play!”


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