Top 10 Tips For Better Tweets

Top 10 Tips For Better Tweets

Is twitter still a mystery to you?
Do you feel like your missing the social media train of fun by being twitter-challenged?
Never fear cause I’m about to give you my top 10 tips for mastering your twitter page. Of coarse, as trends change and these social media platforms evolve, I will be posting updates to help you navigate the social waters and balance the score. So be sure to subscribe to this blog now so you won’t miss my well researched, up to date tips. Assuming you already have a twitter account, here are my top 10 tips for better tweets. Enjoy and don’t forget to share my post with your friends…

Top 10 Tip For Better Tweets

1) Links- Using links is important but if your twitter page is 80% links and barely any type or photo’s, people will view your page as an advertiser and stay far away. Try posting short links after a personal comment to lead into the link.
2) Keep it real- Be casual and transparent. Keep things simple and honest and never link up something that has nothing to do with your tweet. There’s nothing worse than clicking on a link and landing on a random add page. It’s the fastest way to loose followers.
3) Follow for follow: Be sure to follow people back as they follow you and always look to see who they are. It’s always a good practice to know who’s following you and learn at least one thing about that person.
4) Respond: Always respond to your new friends, clients and fans. Social media is about building relationships and it can be a really fun way to meet new people.
5) # Tags: use # tags to cross link your posts and connect you with other people talking about the same thing. This allows your tweets to show up in multiple feeds hopefully gaining you more followers with similar interests. Check out this web site for trending tags
6) @ Tags: use @ tags when addressing a followers user name to notify them of your tweet. You can also use the @ tag when talking about someone’s products or page. It will notify them and they may retweet your post to their friends or become one of your followers.
7) Retweet: social media is all about sharing info so be generous with your friends by retweeting their posts to your page. Retweets are just one way of going viral.
8) Pretty up your page: use a personal photo or business logo for your twitter background for a more interesting and personal touch.
9) Lists: Create a twitter list for your friends to follow. Using twitter lists help you to organize your twitter followers into personalized categories. Plus since other people can see your lists, it helps people with like interests get in touch.
10) Don’t Spam- contacting followers with repetitive information is no fun and will cause people to unfollow. Be sure to mix up your content and find different ways to introduce your products or music to your fans. Be creative by using different photos, quotes, client testimonials, etc. Talk to, Not at…if you want to engage people to connect and create the best twitter page on the Internet.

I credit most of my research for this article to the amazing media gurus at Apple but below are some great Video’s that will help give you a page view of what I’m talking about. If you have a question or request for a future post, just leave me a comment below.
Now go send me a fab Tweet!

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