U.Noe Loyal’s First follow-up single since his Debut Single

U.Noe Loyal’s First follow-up single since his Debut Single

Artist: U.Noe Loyal

New Release: Ur the 1

Genre: Hip-Hop

Sounds like: : Jaden Smith, XXXTENTACION, Russ, Blackbear

Located in: Las Vegas, NV

“Ur the 1”, is my first follow-up single since my debut project “Delusion,” which released earlier in 2020. I am assisted by Zelly Vibes, a female rapper who displays an astounding amount of energy and provides a well-placed balance to my laidback and introspective lyrics. I am producing a melodic hook then rap about two people destined to collide on their journey through life.

This song was inspired by having met the love of my life and willing to do anything and everything for her. Telling her how perfect we are for one another and confirming that she indeed is The One. Only to find out that this person didn’t exist, I created her from my own imagination. All just a dream.

The music we are creating is… 

The vibe for this song is what I’ve been working towards for a while now and having to finally have created this feels amazing. The overall message in this song is to just never give up on love. There is someone out there for everybody, someone who, once you find them, you’ll realize how perfectly they fit with you.

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