The music of Ul2raviolet is quite diverse drawing on many different genres and influences including rock, electronic, contemporary classical, ambient, drone, drum & bass, minimalism and even a country track called Snow on the Plain.


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Band Name: Ul2raviolet
Interviewing: Andrew Manning

Song name: Mechagism

Music Genre:: electronica

Mechagism is primarily an instrumental electronic track with subtle elements of rock and world beat permeating it. The original version was written in 2011 using a simple setup in Garageband. I used software synths, a Microkorg and a vintage Roland synthesizer. The track was influenced by the relationship between Rick Deckard and Rachael in the movie Blade Runner. The concept for this track was also influenced by my interest in science fiction, cognitive science, theories of emotion and machine consciousness.

An extensive alternative version of Mechagism was produced by my friend Luca Ascari of The X in 2012. The Interstellar Hypnosis version in my opinion is a work of genius.

I extensively reworked the original track in 2015 using my latest studio setup.


Link to play:

The music of Ul2raviolet is quite diverse…

drawing on many different genres and influences including rock, electronic, contemporary classical, ambient, drone, drum & bass, minimalism and even a country track called Snow on the Plain. I have some very interesting and diverse collaborations that I am proud of which include drum and bass and industrial, pop and even operatic vocal lines. I refuse to be defined and my music is ever evolving.


How do you think this release represents your current direction..
Mechagism is very representative of my work. This is why I have chosen to promote this track first. The music on the Praecedere album is all my own work. My collaborations and explorations into other genres appear on other compilations that I have distributed to itunes & Spotify through Distrokid. I have recently conducted some advertising tests through Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads and I was overwhelmed at the positive reaction with over 130k engagements and 40k plus clicks through to my iTunes store. My campaign has a lot of life left in it yet and it is gratifying to know that my artistic endeavors are embraced by my audience.


Starting 7 years ago learning guitar and piano. I started with a keyboard and a mac book pro with garage band. Some of my best works were written very early on, I just needed to develop the skills to translate what I needed to create. I’m always challenging myself to grow and produce better music. To push myself I’ll be expanding into incorporating live strings and acoustic guitar into my new work. 


Where do you create your music…
I have my own home studio in my house in Bournemouth, England. My home studio setup includes the Logic Pro X DAW, Allen & Heath mixing console, a Nord, Korg and Roland synths, Kork Kaossilator,and Volca Beats, fender guitar & amp, Washburn bass guitar, various acoustic guitars and an array of new plugins and effects pedals and percussion instruments.


How do you stay focused and balance creating with life..
It’s not easy balancing my creative life with a full time job as an Analyst in the financial sector and looking after my three children but I try to make the time to create and evolve my aesthetic & technical skills and develop my general sense of musicality.


What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking…
Brian Eno stated that he was trying to make music that was ‘as beautiful and strange as the first music that you ever heard’. Nietzsche said ‘Music is something for the sake of which it is worth while to live on Earth’.


I live in…
I was born and bred in Bournemouth, England. We have a very vibrant music scene here with a tremendous amount of talent. I have to admit I am totally absorbed by my own art and live in my own world of music, rarely venturing out in to the open spaces!


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