A.V.A Live Radio’s Top 20 Music Articles of 2017

A.V.A Live Radio’s Top 20 Music Articles of 2017

Catch up on our most popular Indie Music Articles from the past year.

Anastasia Richardson on All About Loving You http://lsh.re/1K4QW

The Creative Journey with Danielle Haskell http://lsh.re/1HDY5

{Behind The Music} Jonah Melvon on Beautiful http://lsh.re/1GI35

Doctor G and Funkfusion Talks about Slow http://lsh.re/1JWUY

{Behind The Music} Samantha Spano on Crazy Boy http://lsh.re/1HTD6

David Vaters on Forgive http://lsh.re/1K9O5

{Behind The Music} The X on Body Structure http://lsh.re/1GZXV

Paint a picture with Power Of INTuition http://lsh.re/1JFHK

Mama Radical on In the Mood http://lsh.re/1K8S8

{Behind The Music} Marco De Luca on Leggero http://lsh.re/1GDV7

The Mistics Broken City Lights http://lsh.re/1JUFI

Lucas Rabel Never Been for the Faint of Heart http://lsh.re/1GVPV 

{Behind The Music} Possimiste on Freakin Dance http://lsh.re/1GZXI

Jordan Sleed on Lift My Spirits http://lsh.re/1K3MR

{Behind The Music} Barley Station on Like Destiny http://lsh.re/1GXQD

{Behind The Music} Jae Cabrera on Show Out http://lsh.re/1GHPW

{Behind The Music} Yasmin Jane on Haunt Me http://lsh.re/1H6OZ

{Behind The Music} Sarah Hawkyard on Red Riding Hood http://lsh.re/1IRRX

{Behind The Music} Lee N. Sage on Pastures http://lsh.re/1H9IE

{Behind The Music} JC Triple Threat on I Know http://lsh.re/1GG95

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