“Music is spiritual” this has played a huge role of the way I think.

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Band Name: Victor Pedro
Song name: TakeOver
Music Genre: Afrobeat

It’s about me being denied my right position in the industry also am saying the lady’s love my style and knows me as a good musician. My music is unique and it’s got alot of new flex into my craft. This recent current release has been able to represent my current direction because its moving with the Afro sound flow/trend.

Link to play:: https://soundcloud.com/victorpedroofficial


I produce tracks and write music. I write and create music anytime it gets to me in the studio with the beat on reply. I’m glad I have been able to work with top collaborations from South Africa and it’s doing amazing. I love to play with the piano but am not good at it yet.

How do you stay focused and balance creating with life..
I have been able to think first about the life i want to live and then about my career which fits into that life and can support it financially.

“Music is spiritual” this has played a huge role of the way I think.

The music scene here is…
I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and the music scene here is not easy but with hard work and determination everything works out for your good.


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