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michael egletonQuestion :: Michael Egleton : www.MichaelEgleton.com :: OMG! lol Ms. Jax! Thank you so, so much for your guidance and support. I was speaking to someone today about how you encouraged me and challenged me to do better in the presentation of myself and my music. When I receive sound advice I take it to heart and act on it with the best of my abilities and strength. I have great friends who are also lending their guidance to my career. I thank you so much for your expertise and not “sugar coating” anything. I have to be a certain way for the industry and you told me to step it up if I was serious about what I wanted to achieve in music and my career. I’ll be signing up for your webinar. My question is: Is there such a thing as a “Fast Track” when it comes to entertainment?

Answer: Jacqueline Jax : Radio Host www.AvALiveRadio.com ::
Dear Michael, I looked at your web site and I have to say that I am so proud and excited that I have had some influence on your design and movement forward. I love your new web site and cant wait to see your pages continue to evolve. Terrific job!!! As far as the “Fast Track” . If your looking for a faster way to break into the “BIG TIME”, there is a thing we like to call “Paying Dues” that is absolutely necessary to any top professional. The reason for this is that it takes time to perfect your skills in any profession but all the wonderful things you discover along the way just make you that much smarter and savvy. You will need that education in order to make good career choices as you advance forward. Hard work on your part, will certainly pay off for you but learn to work smart. Always carry your business cards and a press card or CDs with you and constantly tell people about your music. Ask them to come support your new projects, your new web site, come to see you play… You have lots of things to self promote. Do lots of marketing online using my daily tips and always answer comments and emails. I can say that money moves a career forward alot faster but not always in a good way that will sustain a lasting career. Financial resources will just allow you to higher the right team of people to work for you in brand building and promotion so you don’t have to do it all by your self. But remember this… the more people you have in your life, the more complicated it will become so always learn tasks yourself first and then higher out so you know what your looking for in an employee and also so you can help them to work smart.

Moe BellagloriaQuestion :: Moe BellaGloria : moebigbandsinger.wix.com/sinatraman66 :: I am looking for the next big step for may career, an agent, a manager, so my question is, where would you suggest I search through? Thank you.

Answer: Jacqueline Jax : Radio Host www.AvALiveRadio.com ::
Hi Moe. First let me thank you for subscribing to our show and becoming a loyal listener. Great question. The internet is a wealth of resources at your figure tips but many people like yourself, just haven’t had the time to look around. So one of the things A.V.A Live Radio likes to do is share resources and work as a guide through the different platforms available. Once you have your web site designed, music in order, CD launched, video’s of your live performances and photographs perfected, only then should you consider taking the next step- building your team. An agent/ manager can help you take your career to the next level but only if you have a solid foundation for them to use. You can’t rely on anyone to do it for you unless you are ready to pay them big money for their work. Two important things I would do to start looking for that perfect manager is:: Subscribe to www.AvALiveRadio.com and listen to the shows to get more in touch with our music community. Featured artists talk about their managers all the time giving you a great recommendation. Plus the web page also send emails to the subscribers announcing management who are looking for talent and other great music career opportunities. Second, I would set up a Linkedin profile and join all the music industry groups you can find. Post a discussion on what your looking for sharing your links, contact information and pages and then start reading and participating in the other discussions. Once you have found a few solid choices, send your press package and a personal letter to the manager telling them why you would like them to manage you. And most importantly note THEIR strengths that you have observed while deciding to ask them for their help.

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