{Behind The Music} Waxpanel on Beginnings

{Behind The Music} Waxpanel on Beginnings

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We wanted to write a positive and catchy song, that encouraged people keep pushing. There’s many of life’s situations that will arise, and we’re saying to not give up!-  @waxpanel

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW WAXPANEL
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Micah Lindner (WAXPANEL)

I got my start in music, when I was about eight years old.
My Grandfather always had musical instruments laying around his house. I used to love watching him play. The first instrument I learned to play was the violin. This lasted for a couple of years, until my grandfather taught me how to play the guitar. We used to play old Gospel songs, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson tunes, as a ministry to residents in Nursing homes. Not long afterwards, I began playing for Church praise and worship teams. When I became a teenager, I started branching out into bands, and I’ve been playing in them ever since. I love the entire song writing process, recording music, and playing in front of live audiences. I believe that God has given us the gift of music, and we share His message in every bar that we play in. He’s given us the talent, so we in turn, give His Gospel back to anyone who’ll listen.

My drummer (Steve Thundersticks) and I, created the song “Beginnings” together. I had the music and most of the song written, and I wanted his input on the second verse. The song is about both of us having to push together, just to keep the band going. Our rhythm guitarist and bassist had left the band. Steve and I were left with carrying the WAXPANEL torch. We were supposed to be in Atlanta at the time, recording music at Open Sky Studio with another project. We decided to quit that band, and focus solely on WAXPANEL. That was one of the best decisions ever. We stayed home since we had vacation time, and poured our hearts into “Beginnings.” We wanted to write a positive and catchy song, that encouraged people keep pushing. There’s many of life’s situations that will arise, and we’re saying to not give up!

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The song “Beginnings” was recorded with David Castell.
David has Produced Blue October, The Toadies, Deep Blue Something, and many others in the industry. We’ve been blessed to record our entire “Beginnings” EP with him.

Our Beginnings EP, is a collection of six songs.
The recording process took a few years, and the EP was created in multiple studios. We wanted to have an eclectic collection, which shows the multiple facets of the band. “You Don’t Say,” is about WAXPANEL being rejected for management years ago. The company liked our music, but later turned us down because we’re a Christian band. “The Struggle,” is about not giving up on your Faith. Life can be difficult at times, and I know the struggle is real. “Bleeding Misery” is an outcry to God for a second chance. “Believe” is about God saving my wife and I from a divorce. Our Faith in Christ, allowed us to join together, and give it more time. This decision allowed my daughter to be born later. “Dying Inside” is the first song we’ve written, directed specifically at our audience. We wanted a create cut message for that one.

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Steve and I live in San Antonio,
and our bassist Fletch lives a few hours away in Hico. The music scene here, has a vast range of musical genres. SA seems to have more of an emphasis on rock and metal though. As far as places to go, tourist find themselves loving the Alamo, The Riverwalk, and many other attractions around the city. Countdown city (210) is my home, and it’s what I’ve known for a majority of my life. The music scene is very competitive here, and home to many talented bands.

I feel like if you get too wrapped up in the music business,
you can become very distracted and jaded. We’ve left an Independent Label after a year, had a few failed management attempts, been turned down by a respected radio promoter, and so forth. These set backs would be enough for most people to quit. We have a message behind our music, so it’s not about us in the first place. Eventually God will bring the right team for WAXPANEL, and more doors are being opened every day. Find the style of music you want to play, and stick with it. Always be willing to take advice, and try to learn something new about the business every day. Never give up!

We understand that we live in a singles world now.
We’ve tried that path, and I don’t believe that it works for us. Recording quality music can be expensive. We’ve found our stride, and we’ll be sticking to EP’s. We don’t have the budget or studio time, to currently put out an entire album. If I had to choose between singles and album, I’d go with an album.

What we love about social media now, is going live on Facebook.
We’ve been using that asna way to share Bible studies, that we have after our practices.

We’re not focused trends,
because those always change. We’re focused on sharing our testimonies through our music. Good music lasts much longer than trends. If we were focused on trends, we wouldn’t be a Christian Alternative/Grunge band, singing songs about Jesus to people in bars.

We turn our struggles into triumphs,
by writing songs about them. We’ve also been making some major changes, on how we operate as a band. We’re practicing what we preach, and we’re putting God first. It’s been great having Bible studies at practices now. We ask each other for prayer, and we’re much more relaxed about things now.

I don’t live life on my own terms.
I’m grateful for every day of life I’m blessed with. I have no control over my own heartbeat. Once I fully submitted music to God, I’m much more at peace with things. If music doesn’t materialize into a profession, I’m completely okay with that. I couldn’t say something like that a few years ago.

I would love to spend 5 minutes with Willie Nelson.
I saw him perform not long ago, and I was blown away. I would love to hear some of his stories, and thank him for never giving up. The thing that inspires me about Willie, is that he did his own thing. He’s been able to cross boundaries, and has an eclectic fan base.

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