Artist: WicoSanii ft. Tejai Moore
Song: Take me (as I am)

Genre : Pop / Dance

Artists Bio/ song description.: Take me (as I am) by WicoSanii ft. Tejai Moore is about lies, incident and pain. The song references relationships, a blind or lost love, loved ones who have fallen out to missed communications. Lies, pain, incident, no communication, a relationship without respect and honesty – I think many people have had a similar experience (once). To walk the journey, we must grow from our experiences but we can only do that when we are first honest with ourselves. ” You should know ” & „ I said „ are my next projects – coming soon. Generally – my music is the book of (my) life. I always try to write my lyrics in a positive style to motivate people to love, have fun and not to give up. I love to spread looooovvvveeeee 🙂




Twitter: @WicoSanii