Behind The Music with Vienna Indie Artist WicoSanii on Take me (as I am)

Behind The Music with Vienna Indie Artist WicoSanii on Take me (as I am)

Indie artist WicoSanii from Vienna Austria talks about her creating process and brand new release ‘Take me (as I am)’. I am always writing about my good and bad experiences in my life. But all these experiences are the reasons, that I am what I am today.


Live Interview 
Episode #588: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax:

Episode Notes:

WicoSanii talks about growing from your experiences by first being honest with yourself. Dealing with the lies and pain in any relationship. Encouraging people to believe in themselves so they can make good choices even if that means walking away. 

The importance of keeping positive people around you. How connecting with other artists is important to your growth and inspiration as a musician.

Utilizing social media to gain an audience when your local area doesn’t support the music. How she is strategizing her growth and what choices she’s making each day to break out in new audiences. 


Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
host of A.V.A Live Radio

Band Name: WicoSanii
Song name: Take me (as I am)
Genre: Pop
Take me as I am is about lies, incident and pain. The song references friends, colleagues and some family members who have fallen out to missed communications. To walk the journey, we must grow from our experiences but we can only do that when we are first honest with ourselves.
There are 2 (the truth is: 3!) versions of the song “Take me as I am”. I worked about one and a half years on it 😉 I am always writing about my good and bad experiences in my life. But all these experiences are the reasons, that I am what I am today. I love to write, I love to compose, I love to produce (I just started! 😉 with my last song Take me as I am) but I will learn more & more.
The original version of “Take me as I am” refers more to family members & friends who were fake, talked behind my back etc…but is also about learning & growing. And all these experiences are the reasons, that I am what I am today.Take me (as I am) – WicoSanii feat. Tejai Moore is about “blind” and/or lost love, (lies, pain, incident, no communication, without respect and honesty, but also about the growing cause of these experiences. I am sining it together with Tejai Moore (WicoSanii ft. TEJAI MOORE)„ You should know „ & „ I said „ are our next projects – coming soon.

WicoSanii feat. Tejai Moore:

My music is..
the book of (my) life. I always try to write my lyrics in a positive style to motivate people to love, have fun and not to give up. I love to spread looooovvvveeeee 🙂
How do you think this release represents your current direction..
I love different music genres. My aim is to connect some of them together with my own style, to create something new. As I was a member of a choir called Voices of Volunteers (ESC Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna) I love to listen to different vocals from deep to high from “Alt” to “Soprano”. It impressed me so much that I decided to sing several background vocals in different variations on my own release: “Take me as I am” and our next song “You should know” – coming soon 😉
I make music in my bedroom. I have my mic for rehearsing, the interface, a keyboard and of course an apple with the logic X program. In another room there is a piano where I try out melodies to find a “red line”. But before I play all into the Logic X, I mostly record my first ideas on my smart phone.  At this point, there is a big list of ideas on it 😉
When I decide the melody is ready to start, then I try to make some arrangements/tracks on Logic – as long I can do it by myself. Then I ask my friend Gery to continue with the arrangement cause he has more knowledge than me about producing while I rehearse the singing portion.
When we both have finished the main parts, I ask another friend Martin, who is a good producer to do the last steps. After that, it’s time for mastering.  During this step, I send all tracks to Kenny Lewis. I mostly ask him if he has some more ideas for instrumentals and if so he adds them on the song. All in all we are working together and a very good team.
Making music gives me balance in my life. I also write, sing and enjoy going out with friends dancing…
I live in… Vienna (Austria)
You don’t have much chance to get heard nor supported here in Vienna. I prefer to collaborate with other artists to rally support. I only know a handful of artists who think the same way but I’m always searching for more.