Writing Authentic Content for Your Blog, Website and Social Media Pages

Jacqueline Jax branding marketingI have found, the single most important concept to focus on when writing or expressing content for your blog, web site, youtube channel, or social media pages is to be “Authentic”. When you speak about something you feel passionate about, your most authentic voice comes out and that will make your posts far more interesting and effective.

Have you ever noticed that the most interesting articles are those written by people sharing a part of their real lives? You are drawn in from reading about problems people have solved, projects they’ve worked on, challenges they’ve overcome, subjects they’ve researched out of genuine interest, their work, their hobbies, their families, their vacations, their collections…. In fact, this article your reading now is a product of a topic that I have spent countless hours researching.

Here are some interesting things to keep in mind when striving to write authentic content….

1. Speak from the heart: I just love reading content that is written like a story. When a blogger shares from their heart, it’s special and authentic. Even if they aren’t the best writer, I still enjoy experiencing that journey with them through their heart felt stories. When a fashion blogger shares photos and then makes comments under each photo to share a piece of the story, it’s so much more engaging and worth subscribing to.

2. Share a personal experience: Include your personal experience as well as helpful information so readers can savor the journey and get to know you through your content. If you post photo’s be sure to tell the story along with them so the reader can get a better sense of who you are and why that photo is special to you.

3. Comment on a topic your passionate about: Being passionate about a topic is so important. It’s impossible to write without inspiration. Be sure to select your topics with care because if your faking it, people can really tell.

4. Be useful: Be sure to add detailed and in-depth information about your topic that will offer your readers something interesting and useful. Make your article even more resourceful with links to a myriad of obscure yet supportive content on the subject that may be hard to find and be sure to title the blog post with rich and descriptive key words.

5. Use unique images and media: One thing I love is to see original images on a blog. Sometimes it’s difficult if your blogging about an item that you don’t physically own but if you put a little thought into it, I’m sure you can find a way to make the images unique. Use fonts, collage apps, filters or even photoshop to create a signature look that will be just yours.

On my personal internet journey, I have stumbled upon many terrific articles written by passionate people. The articles that I have book marked and left comments on have not only educated me but introduced me to so many interesting people. As a result of reading and commenting on what they have each shared, I have found myself in the middle of a fabulous circle of people who share similar interests and in turn support my projects as well. In some cases, I have traveled and am able to meet up with these new friends. I hope you’ll comment and introduce me to your world as well.

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