Zita Barbara Not Giving Up And Following Her Dreams

Zita Barbara Not Giving Up And Following Her Dreams

Never give up. I know times can get challenging as an artist but some of the most unexpected and rewarding experiences are coming into my life now because I didn’t give up then. I had a vision and I believed. Now it is happening for me.

Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
host of A.V.A Live Radio
Band Name: BARBI ( pop music, art, fashion name)
Person Interviewing: Zita Sanders

Number one singer-songwriter on Reverbnation in my area for a while. “Until We Meet Again” my original song was selected  by a special program on Reverbnation so that it is put in front of record labels and other artist development programs. I recently handed this song on a three track demo to Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

I also gave Trisha Yearwood a guitar pick designed necklace off my VIDA collection.

My fashion work is set to be displayed this August in Las Vegas International Fashion Week where I will be making a red carpet appearance as one of the three designers in the show from San Antonio.

My work after fashion week is scheduled to be used in a shoot for Paris and there is a possibility of being able to participate in Fashion Week in New York.In Austin my art, music and fashion will be on display in a unique show. More information will be made available later. It will be $20 ticket.

Music Genre: Pop and Rock
 Butterflies was created in a small Hawaiian Island called Kauai. The pop station plays local music and I was inspired by the relaxed island tunes.

The words to this song was inspired by a local giving me a heads up, ” you can’t get lost everyone knows everyone. A person can’t have a crush without everyone knowing…except for the crush.”

That’s basically the idea behind the lyrics. I love butterflies and thought “chasing butterflies” as in chasing the rush of stomach butterflies, is the poetic way to describe a crush.The other song I wrote was a first rock song. I mentioned it in a Facebook comment about the NFL controversy. It seems fitting to address the spirit of the U.S. I know I have to pick one song to showcase here, I choose Butterflies because this is the song picked by Reverbnation to display the top artists on the site. I wanted to.say something about Empire because it is so different from anything I’ve done and I feel it strikes a chord with current events.

Right now Garth Brooks is most influential in my music. I got to see him preform live right in front of me. I was sitting so close I could hear him take in breaths. I was just swept away by his singing voice. When he plays with just a guitar and nothing else backing him except Trisha Yearwood…oh my goodness…heaven.

There is also so much more a person picks up about them as a couple. I know there was drama in the 90s over them…but when you hear them, see them, and hear him explain the state he was in knowing he loved Trisha all that time…it all inspired me to write a song. It’s somewhat country so you know Garth Brooks inspired it.

My biggest influence as a singer songwriter has to be Don McLean. I was born on “the day the music died” and never understood what that meant until I understood “American Pie.” This songwriter was played on a loop growing up. I basically thought all music was made by Disney or Don McLean…or The Beatles.

In my early teens when people should know what music they like, I didn’t. Apparently ” all music” wasn’t a good answer to middle schoolers. I had to know…and like what they liked.I remember making a tantrum at Best Buy that I wanted to buy my very own music. I was let loose in the music section.

I found “Elvis Presley.” I felt like I was the first person to give this guy a chance. I was drawn to his eyes. I remember listening to what I selected proudly like ” wow, every song on this is a hit song.”

Well… turns out that was EXACTLY the case because I picked out Elvis Presley’s Greatest Hits. Except, I never heard of him, so I was like, ” How come this guy isn’t huge?”

Later…I understood he was…

It took more embarrassment at school to unveil to people I “discovered” Elvis…

I think snickers about me not knowing he was huge before my time and exactly how legendary he was is what really got me listening to everything! After that mistake I had to know everything about music!

 I work very closely with my producer and production. You might say I co-produce. I often come into the studio with the song swimming in my head. The producer I work with has worked so close with me for a long time. We basically read each other’s thoughts. Sometimes we don’t even have to say things like “start over.” It’s organic, I can’t explain the creative process we do. I can say we attempt to reach a state of flow. This is where ideas flow out, music flows, my voice flows. I work with one producer for that reason.  The goal is to have a Celine Dion and Renee thing going where people aren’t guessing, we anticipate at this point.

 I live in San Antonio. Right now I’m spending most my time prepping for Fashion Week. It is going to be an intense couple months getting work done for my VIDA online collection in order to have it to incorporate it into outfits for the show.

I am also getting interviews done for my very own radio show! The program director wants to feature me in Vegas for that. So there should be a lot of backstage coverage coming!

 You can be the sweetest peach in Georgia and there is always someone who doesn’t like peaches.” DITA VON TESS.

This is a good lesson if you want to be a singer. You can have the sweetest voice…and there is always someone who will dislike sweet voices.

Don’t take it personally.

2nd place quote that changed my reasoning was Oprah on how the universe gets our attention.

“Listen to the whispers because it will only get louder and louder until the universe hits you with a ton of bricks.”

I learned this lesson the hard way! I had to get hit by a cement truck crashing the drivers side window in some nightmarish way for me to dive into music!

Right now I focus on the series of interviews coming, my one summer song, and my fashion design. It is a tidal wave I have to ride out!

Not to mentioned I am attempting to capture all my art into a coffee table book I am currently writing on the spare time I have.

Never give up. I know times can get challenging as an artist but some of the most unexpected and rewarding experiences are coming into my life now because I didn’t give up then. I had a vision and I believed. Now it is happening for me.

 I’m looking forward to working with one new producer. I mentioned that I have worked with one producer for the longest time. Although, someone who has worked with Madonna, Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias, J-Lo , HUGE names in this industry, wants to work with me! It’s the first time in a good while I will venture out! I also look forward to working with an award winning music video producer and making great videos.